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Ryanair invites new partnerships with local transfer and parking companies.

For parking and transfer partnership enquiries, please contact Ryanair at

See route Map for airports currently served by Ryanair.

Advertise on the exterior of Ryanair's Boeing 737-800 fleet. 0.75 Billion passengers travel through 180 airports served by Ryanair's fleet. Target passengers who spend an average of 2 hours at the airport with direct access to smartphones, laptops and tablets, along with the many retail outlets that are present in the airports served by Ryanair's fleet. We can promise the best value for money outdoor exposure for your company. To advertise on Ryanair's aircraft, please contact or
Overhead locker advertising is visible throughout the flight and allows for clear vibrant branding. The Tray table format offers a one on one communication with passengers at a time when they are seated, receptive and interested in a brand communication. The combination of these factors lodges advertiser messages into long term memory. To advertise on-board, please contact

This advertising service provides both global and local brands the opportunity to reach a pan-European audience by integrating online and print advertising to deliver exceptional value to focused advertising campaigns. Ryanair passengers will reference their boarding cards on a number of occasions during their trip ? providing repeat exposure for advertisers. These innovative ad placements can be targeted by departure or destination point.

Please note that positions are subject to availability. To advertise on the Ryanair Passenger Boarding Cards, please contact

The monthly magazine carries features directly related to the interests and purchasing habits of Ryanair's unique audience. Elements include engaging destination guides, travel itinerary ideas, property and real estate guides, handpicked hotel reviews, seasonal recreation guides (sun, ski, golf, etc.), consumer product related features, health and beauty tips, technology updates and personality profiles. For all in-flight magazine enquiries, please contact

To discuss advertising opportunities please contact Ryanair directly at