Malta Air Launches 6 New Routes To Malta For Summer 2020

66 Routes In Total & 3.1m Customers P.A

Malta Air, today (11 Oct) launched its Malta Summer 2020 schedule with 6 new summer routes connecting Malta to Brindisi, Nis, Paphos, Santiago de Compostela, Trapani and Trieste. With 66 routes in total, this S2020 schedule will deliver 3.1m customers p.a. and support 2,300* jobs at Malta International Airport next year.

Malta Air’s 2020 schedule to Malta will deliver 6 new routes, and includes:

  • 1 new route to Brindisi (2 pw)
  • 4 new summer routes to Nis (2 pw), Paphos (2 pw), Santiago de Compostela (2 pw) & Trieste (2 pw)
  • 1 reinstated route to Trapani (2 pw)
  • Frequency increases on 9 other routes including Bari, Madrid and Marseille
  • 66 routes in total
  • 1m customers p.a. (6% growth)
  • 2,300* on-site jobs

Maltese consumers and visitors can now book their holidays on 66 routes out to October 2020, flying on the lowest fares and with the greenest/cleanest major airline group in Europe, with the lowest CO2 emissions.

To celebrate, Malta Air has launched a seat sale on its European network, with up to 25% off on over 100,000 seats for travel between November and March. These seats must be booked by midnight on Monday (14 Oct) only on the website.

Speaking in Valletta, Malta Air CEO Diarmuid Ó Conghaile said:

Malta Air is delighted to bring even more of our lowest fares to Malta in our Summer 2020 schedule, with 6 new routes to Brindisi, Nis, Paphos, Santiago de Compostela, Trapani and Trieste (66 routes in total) which will deliver over 3 million customers p.a. and support over 2,300* jobs at Malta International Airport next year.

Maltese consumers and visitors can now book low fare seats on 66 routes out to October 2020. To celebrate, we’re offering up to 25% off on over 100,000 seats, for travel between November and March, which must be booked by midnight on Monday (14 Oct). Since these amazing low prices will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto and avoid missing out.”


Malta Minister for Tourism, Konrad Mizzi, said:

Minister Konrad Mizzi said that he was pleased that Malta Air will grow its network by 6%. This demonstrates commitment by Ryanair to Malta. The Minister looked forward to the introduction of the new Malta Air livery and new planes later in 2020.


  • Un total de más de 550 rutas y 50,8 millones de pasajeros al año

Madrid, 8 de octubre de 2019. Ryanair, la primera aerolínea de Europa, ha anunciado hoy su programación de vuelos para el próximo verano de 2020 con 20 nuevas rutas de verano, incluidos 17 nuevos servicios de verano y 3 conexiones nuevas que unirán Málaga con Vitoria, Palma con Toulouse y Zaragoza con Marrakech. Con todo ello, la compañía prevé transportar 50,8 millones de pasajeros al año que contribuirán al empleo con 38.000* puestos de trabajo en los 26 aeropuertos españoles dónde opera Ryanair.

El calendario de verano 2020 incluirá:

  • 3 rutas nuevas:
        • Con 3 vuelos semanales: Málaga – Vitoria
        • Con 2 vuelos semanales: Zaragoza – Marrakech y Palma – Toulouse
  • 17 nuevos servicios de verano:
        • Con 2 vuelos semanales: Alicante – Exeter (Inglaterra), Barcelona – Riga, Santander – Bolonia, Santiago – Malta, Valencia – Kiev, Valencia – Toulouse y Zaragoza – Lisboa
        • Con 3 vuelos semanales: Barcelona – Atenas, Málaga – Lisboa, Málaga- Porto, Sevilla – Lisboa, Sevilla – Londres Luton y Valencia – Lisboa
        • Con 4 vuelos semanales: Madrid – Atenas y Sevilla – Bruselas
        • Con 5 vuelos semanales: Madrid – Kiev
        • Con una frecuencia semanal: Fuerteventura – Bolonia
  • Un total de más de 550 rutas
  • 50,8 millones de pasajeros anuales
  • 38.000* puestos de trabajo


Los clientes de Ryanair en España ya pueden reservar sus vacaciones en más de 550 rutas hasta octubre de 2020 y disfrutar de tarifas incluso más económicas con la aerolínea más verde de Europa, cuya tasa de emisiones en CO2 es la más baja.

Aprovechando el anuncio del nuevo calendario de vuelos Ryanair ha lanzado una oferta con hasta un 25% de descuento en más de un millón de asientos para viajar desde noviembre hasta mayo. Esta promoción estará disponible hasta la medianoche del viernes, 11 de octubre, en la página web


Kenny Jacobs, de Ryanair, ha declarado: “Estamos encantados de seguir trayendo las tarifas y las emisiones más bajas a España con nuestro calendario de verano 2020, que incluye 20 nuevas rutas, con 3 nuevos destinos y 17 servicios de verano, operando un total de más de 550 rutas. Esperamos transportar 50,8 millones de pasajeros al año, contribuyendo al empleo con 38.000* puestos de trabajo en los 26 aeropuertos españoles dónde operamos. 

Nuestros clientes en España ya pueden reservar sus escapadas hasta octubre de 2020. Coincidiendo con el anuncio de nuestra programación de verano 2020, hemos lanzado una oferta con hasta un 25% de descuento en más de un millón de asientos para viajar hasta el próximo mes de mayo. Estos billetes ya están disponibles para su reserva hasta la medianoche del viernes, 11 de octubre, a través de”.

Ryanair Supports Native Woodland Trust’s Latest Afforestation Project

Funds Raised Through Customer Carbon Offsets

Ryanair, Europe’s greenest/cleanest major airline, today (3 Oct) announced support for the Native Woodland Trust’s latest project in the midlands – where the Trust will create a new ancient woodland nursery, using the seeds of trees in the nearby St. John’s Wood in Co. Roscommon.

The Native Woodland Trust (NWT) is committed to saving the last of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands, through education, raising awareness and direct intervention. NWT is also focussed on the restoration and expansion of these relict forests, through their re-creation, using only tree seed collected locally.

As part of NWT’s partnership with Ryanair, the new woodland will be planted on what was once farmland, using seeds collected just 500 metres away in St. John’s wood. This latest project will not only offset tonnes of carbon but will also support the local diversity in the area such as bees, butterflies and birds as well as larger mammals such as pine martins and red squirrels.

Support for this partnership is funded through carbon offset donations – Ryanair customers can now offset the carbon cost of their flight by making a voluntary donation to our climate charity partners at the end of the booking process. Ryanair has also partnered with First Climate, Renature Monchique, and Irish Whale and Dolphin Group which carry out projects in Uganda, Portugal and Ireland respectively.


Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs said:

 “We are delighted to support the NWT, through our customer’s carbon offset donations, in their latest afforestation project. This initiative will not only offset tonnes of carbon but is integral for the support of Ireland’s biodiversity. We’re extremely excited to see this farmland be turned back into woodland all thanks to the great work of the Native Woodland Trust.

 Ryanair is Europe’s greenest/cleanest major airline, operating the youngest fleet (average age of six years) with the highest load factors. With our carbon offsetting initiative we continue to lead the way, and we encourage our customers to continue supporting these exciting partnerships by making carbon offset donations when booking flights on the website.”


NWT Chairman, Jim Lawlor said:

 “These are exciting times for us – to be able to acquire land for new woodland and to be able to create our own onsite tree nursery, using only the purest local seed source is a fantastic prospect. We are grateful to Ryanair and their customers for helping to create this opportunity and we are looking forward to sharing the fruits of this partnership with them.

The Native Woodland Trust is Ireland’s premier tree conservation organisation with a growing network of woodland nature reserves across the country. In addition to community based conservation and biodiversity focussed initiatives, we can now allow Ryanair customers to offset their carbon, whilst still retaining all of these other tremendous benefits to wildlife and nature.”

Ryanair German Pilots Vote (99%) For 4 Year Collective Labour Agreement (CLA)

Ryanair today (02 Oct) confirmed that its pilots based in Germany have voted by a majority of 99% in favour of a 4 year Collective Labour Agreement (VTV), to cover all Ryanair’s directly employed pilots in Germany until March 2023.

The agreement, negotiated between Ryanair and the pilot union VC, will deliver a new pay structure along with a fixed 5/4 roster.  Ryanair and VC have also agreed a Social Plan to govern German base closures or reductions.

Deutsche Ryanair Piloten (99 %) Stimmen Für 4 Jahre Gesamtarbeitsvertrag (GAV)

Ryanair bestätigte heute (2. Oktober), dass ihre in Deutschland ansässigen Piloten mit einer Mehrheit von 99 % für einen vierjährigen Gesamtarbeitsvertrag (VTV) gestimmt haben, der bis März 2023 alle direkt beschäftigten Piloten von Ryanair in Deutschland betrifft.

Die Vereinbarung, die zwischen Ryanair und der Pilotgewerkschaft Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) ausgehandelt wurde, wird eine neue Vergütungsstruktur sowie eine feste Dienstplanstruktur von 5/4 beinhalten. Ryanair und VC haben sich auch auf einen Sozialplan geeinigt, der die Schließung oder Reduzierung deutscher Standorte reguliert.

El tráfico de Ryanair Group en septiembre aumentó un 8% hasta alcanzar los 14,1 millones de clientes

Madrid, 2 de octubre de 2019. Ryanair Holdings PLC ha anunciado hoy sus estadísticas de tráfico correspondientes al mes de septiembre de 2019:


 20182019 (ocupación)Crecimiento
Ryanair Group13,1m14,1m (96%)+8%
Ryanair12,6m13,5m (96%)+7%
Lauda*0,5m 0,6m (95%)+20%


Balance anual136,8m150,3m (96%)+10%


  • El tráfico de Lauda en 2018 y el balance anual, incluye el tráfico previo a la consolidación.