Ryanair And Lombardy Region Joint Campaign Takes Off In London Southend

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, and Regione Lombardia today (15 Nov) launched the first in a series of joint promotions of Lombardy in the UK market, with a consumer-focused event in London Southend Airport. This event is part of the Try Somewhere New in Lombardia campaign, promoting and highlighting the Lombardy region as an exciting and must-see holiday destination all year round.

Today’s event at London Southend features an Instagram contest, info material and distribution and engagement moments with London Southend consumers, alongside a press conference hosted by Ryanair and London Southend, and attended by James Duddridge, Conservative Candidate.

Ryanair and Regione Lombardia – one of the most important Italian and European tourist destinations – recently announced Try Somewhere New in Lombardia, a joint campaign to promote the Lombardy Region (inLombardia) in the UK market, with a series of events and activations in the coming months focused on the greater London area.

Campaign activities include consumer events at various London airports, an integrated social and digital advertising campaign, travel focused press and influencer trips to the region, and a promotional video series focused on the four pillars of the campaign (culture, food and wine, Spa & wellness, and winter sports) and a contest on Facebook.

The project and cooperation will also utilise Try Somewhere New – Ryanair’s travel content platform which offers bespoke, informative travel content and video guides for all of Ryanair’s travel destinations – with Lombardy-focused feature content under the tagline #inLombardia, the experience beyond Milan. 

Chiara Ravara Head of International Communications Ryanair, said:

“Ryanair is delighted to launch its first UK event, in cooperation with Regione Lombardia, to promote the Lombardy region and invite our customers to Try Somewhere New in Lombardia, exploring the rich culture, history and heritage beyond iconic destinations such as Milan – and discovering the region and its 12 cities around the themes of culture, food and wine, wellness, and winter sports.

Ryanair is Europe and Italy’s No. 1 airline, and we are proud to use our extensive network and low fares to promote a region as exciting and rich as Lombardy. We are continuing to grow at our Lombardy airports (Milan Bergamo and Milan Malpensa), granting direct access to the whole region – creating tourism and jobs all year round. We are happy to be here at London Southend Airport, a few months after the launch of the base, which represents an important connection between London and Milan and their respective regions.

We look forward to hosting numerous events and activations in the coming months, and utilising this strategic cooperation with Regione Lombardia to help address the two main challenges facing Italian tourism, namely regionality and seasonality.”

Glyn Jones CEO of Stobart Aviation, said:

“We are excited to host this joint promotion between Ryanair and Regione Lombardia at London Southend Airport. The Ryanair service to Italy’s second city, Milan, has already been a great success and we anticipate even more passengers will want to explore this fantastic region of northern Italy. We also hope that travellers from Lombardy will enjoy South East England. Central London is under an hour from London Southend, thanks to our quick and easy rail links to the UK’s capital city, whilst Southend and Essex have so much to offer. London Southend was rated London’s top airport by consumer group Which? for the sixth consecutive year in 2019, so passengers are in store for a great customer experience at our award-winning airport.”

Lara Magoni, Regional Minister of Tourism for the Lombardy Region, said:

“Lombardy takes off. This is the meaning of the communication campaign developed in collaboration with Ryanair to strengthen the international positioning of the destination, in particular towards the British and English-speaking market in general. I’m very proud of this, because it is an innovative, integrated and multi-channel communication project to attract the contemporary traveller which has no precedents at this level. Lombardy Region is easy to reach all year round. For this reason we want to lead international travellers, in particular from across the Channel, to discover the artistic, cultural and landscape beauties of our territory, taste food and wine specialties, explore the cities of art and immerse themselves in the fairy-tale atmospheres of our villages.

My presence here in London is meant exactly to create an evident connection between Lombardy and British visitors, to lead them to discover the most fascinating Lombard destinations that are hidden around the splendour of Milan. The uniqueness that every corner of Lombardy can express is the true wealth that embellishes our territory and a travel reason to renew the invitation to inspire the traveller to return. In Lombardy it is possible to discover every time a new emotion and live a new experience between culture and wellness, food and wine and the practice of sports activities”.

New Kherson Route To Katowice, Poland On Sale Now

Ryanair Continues Central & Eastern European Expansion

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (14 Nov) announced a new Kherson route to Katowice in Poland, operating twice weekly from January 2020, as part of Ryanair’s extended Ukraine Winter 2019 schedule.

This new route will continue past March as part of Ryanair’s Summer 2020 schedule so Kherson customers and visitors can book their flights to Katowice as far out as October 2020.

To celebrate Ryanair’s continued expansion in Central and Eastern Europe, Ryanair has launched a seat sale with fares from just €16.99 for travel until the end of March 2020, which must be booked by midnight Saturday (16 Nov), only on the Ryanair.com website.


Ryanair’s David O’Brien said:

“Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, is pleased to continue its Central and Eastern European expansion with the launch of a new Kherson route to Katowice in Poland. This new route will commence in January 2020 as part of our Winter 2019 schedule and will continue past March as part of our Summer 2020 schedule.

Customers in Kherson can now book seats on flights to Katowice as far out as October 2020 and enjoy flying on the lowest fares and with the greenest/cleanest major airline in Europe, with the lowest CO2 emissions. 

To celebrate, we are releasing seats on sale from just €16.99 for travel until the end of March 2020, which must be booked by midnight Saturday (16 Nov). Since these amazing low fares will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.”



Ryanair, linia lotnicza nr 1 w Polsce i na Ukrainie, dziś (14 listopada) poinformowała o uruchomieniu kolejnej nowej trasy – z Katowic do Chersonia na Ukrainie. Połączenie będzie realizowane 2 razy w tygodniu od stycznia 2020 roku i stanie się częścią zimowego rozkładu lotów Ryanaira.

Loty z Katowic do Chersonia znajdują się także w letnim rozkładzie lotów. Pasażerowie ze Śląska mogą zarezerwować bilety na nowej trasie aż do października 2020 roku.

Z okazji ogłoszenia nowej trasy w ramach ekspansji w Europie środkowo-wschodniej, Ryanair wprowadził do sprzedaży bilety w cenie od 39 zł na podróż do końca marca 2020 roku. Rezerwacji można dokonać jedynie na Ryanair.com do soboty (16 listopada).

David O’Brien z Ryanaira powiedział:

“Ryanair, linia lotnicza nr 1 w Polsce i w Europie kontynuuje ekspansję w Europie środkowo-wschodniej ogłaszając nową trasę z Katowic do Chersonia. Połączenie bedzie realizowane od stycznia 2020 roku i stanie się częścią rozkładu lotów na zimę 2019/2020 oraz lato 2020.

 Pasażerowie ze Śląska mogą zarezerwować loty do Chersonia aż do października 2020 roku i podróżować najtańszą oraz najbardziej ekologiczną linią lotniczą w Europie o najniższym poziomie emisji CO2.

Z okazji ogłoszenia nowej trasy wprowadzamy do sprzedaży bilety w cenie od 39 zł na podróż do końca maraca 2020 roku. Rezerwacji można dokonać jedynie na Ryanair.com do soboty (16 listopada). Aby zdążyć najlepiej wejść na www.ryanair.com już teraz.”


Ryanair, evropska broj 1 avio kompanija, danas (8. Novembar) je proslavila poletanje na novoj liniji koja će dva puta nedeljno povezivati Niš sa najnovijom destinacijom – Maltom. Ryanair-ov zimski raspored za Niš u 2019. Godini nudi ukupno 5 ruta, i to do Berlina, Bratislave, Milana, Malte iŠtokholma, a do svake se leti po 2 puta nedeljno

Nova ruta do Malte će se nastaviti i nakon marta u okviru Ryanair-ovog letnjeg rasporeda za 2020. godinu, tako da će putnici moći da lete do Malte iz Niša sve do oktobra 2020.

Ryanair-ov zimski raspored iz Niša će doneti:

  • 1 novu rutu do Malte (2 leta nedeljno)
  • 5 ruta ukupno
  • 145,000 putnika godišnje
  • 110 poslova u Nišu


Kako bi proslavili početak zimskog reda letenja u Nišu, Ryanair je pustio u prodaju karte na rasprodaji sa cenom već od EUR 12.99, za putovanja od danas pa do kraja januara, koje je moguće kupiti isključivo na sajtu www.ryanair.com do nedelje u ponoć (10. Novembar)


Prema rečima Olge Pavlonke iz Ryanair-a:

 “Sa zadovoljstvom lansiramo naš zimski raspored iz Niša za 2019. godinu, izapočinjemo našu novu rutu do Malte. Ove zime će Ryanair imati 5 ruta od i do Niša iz Berlina, Bratislave, Milana, Bergama, Malte i Štokholma.

Kako bismo to proslavili, u prodaju puštamo karte na rasprodaji sa cenom već od EUR 12.99 za putovanja od sad pa do kraja Januara 2020. godine, koje će biti dostupne za kupovinu do nedelje 10. novembra  u ponoć. Kako će ove jeftine karte biti rasprodate brzo, putnici bi trebalo što pre da posete www.ryanair.com da ne bi propustili ovu ponudu.”


Mihajlo Zdravković, direktor AerodromaSrbije je rekao:

“Veoma smo ponosni da je Ryanair, kao jedan od najvećih partnera Aerodroma Srbije, odlučio da dalje razvija svoju mrežu sa Aerodroma Konstantin Veliki u Nišu. Verujemo da će naše partnerstvorasti u budućnosti, ne samo vezano za Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki u Nišu, veći za Aerodrom Morava u Kraljevu.

Ponosni smo i narast koji ostvarujemo zajedničkim snagam asvake godine, i verujemo da će sledeća godina biti još bolja. Ova ruta ima veliki potencijal, tako da pozivamo sve naše putnike da iskoriste letove za Maltui ka drugim destinacijama uz niske cene koje Ryanair nudi.”

Ryanair’s First Tbilisi And Kutaisi Winter 2019 Flights Take Off

3 New Routes To Milan Bergamo, Bologna And Marseille

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (8 Nov) celebrated the first flights of its first ever Georgia winter schedule with the start of its new four times weekly service from Tbilisi to Milan Bergamo, and its two times weekly routes from Kutaisi to Bologna and Marseille. Ryanair’s Georgia Winter 2019 schedule, with these three new routes, will help deliver 130,000 customers to/from Tbilisi and Kutaisi airports this year.

Ryanair’s Georgia Winter 19 schedule will deliver:

  • 1 new route from Tbilisi to Milan Bergamo (4 pw)
  • 2 new routes from Kutaisi to Bologna (2 pw) & Marseille (2 pw)
  • 130,000 customers p.a.
  • 100* “on-site” jobs p.a.

To celebrate the start of its winter schedule, Ryanair has released seats on sale from just €16.99, for travel between now and the end of March, which are only available for booking on the Ryanair.com website until midnight Monday (11 Nov).


Ryanair’s Olga Pawlonka said:

“We’re delighted to officially launch our Georgia winter 2019 schedule, with the start of our new routes from Tbilisi to Milan Bergamo and from Kutaisi to Marseille and Bologna. Today marks the start of our first ever winter schedule for Tbilisi and Kutaisi airports which will help deliver 130,000 customers to/from Tbilisi and Kutaisi airports this year.

 To celebrate, we are releasing seats for sale from just €16.99 for travel from now until the end of March 2020, which are available for booking until midnight, Monday 11th Nov. Since these amazing low fares will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.”


Natela Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, said:

“Let me congratulate on launching of flights with the the Irish low cost airline Ryanair to Georgia. I am pleased that both our citizens and tourists coming to Georgia are already able to take advantage of direct flights operated by Ryanair. Airline’s operations in the Georgian market will allow us not only to expand new tourist flows and develop the tourism industry, but also to offer our citizens cheap flights from Kutaisi and Tbilisi to the new European destinations.”


Giorgi Chogovadze, Director General of “United Airports of Georgia”, said:

“Today, when one of the largest low-cost airlines enters Georgian market, we can say that, this is the successful completion of intensive negotiations we have held with Ryanair for the past few months. From now, Ryanair will offer direct flights to Europe both from Kutaisi and Tbilisi International Airports. Our goal is to increase number of airlines operating in Georgia. That is a guarantee of the development of tourism and hospitality sector, creating additional jobs and stimulating the economy.”


Ryanair ha pubblicato oggi (7 novembre) le statistiche per il mese di Ottobre sulle emissioni di CO2, che evidenziano una media di 67g di CO2 per passeggero/km.

Ottobre 2019
Chilometri totali17,786m km
Passeggeri totali13.8m
Emissioni CO2 totali1,200 kt
CO2 Per Pax/km67g

Kenny Jacobs di Ryanair ha dichiarato:

“Ryanair è la compagnia aerea più green d’Europa con la flotta più giovane e i load factor più elevati. Le nostre emissioni di CO2 per passeggero/km sono le più basse del settore, essendo state ridotte da 82g a 67g nell’ultimo decennio, mentre altre compagnie aeree competitor generano attualmente oltre 120 g per passeggero/km. L’unica cosa più importante che un consumatore può fare per ridurre la propria quota di CO2 è scegliere Ryanair. Siamo lieti di annunciare che la nostra CO2 per pax / km per ottobre è stata di 67 g, la metà del tasso di altri vettori di bandiera, e ci impegniamo a ridurla di un ulteriore 10% a meno di 60 g per pax/km entro il 2030”.



Ryanair, dziś (6 listopada) opublikował październikowe statystyki w zakresie obsługi klienta:


  • Punktualność Ryanaira wyniosła 93% (z wył. opóźnień spowodowanych przez ATC) w porównaniu do 90% w październiku 2018r.
  • Niedobory kadrowe wśród kontrolerów ruchu ATC spowodowały opóźnienia ponad 11,346 lotów Ryanaira (15%).


Ryanair opublikował także październikowe wyniki ‘Rate My Flight’, w których 87% z ponad 168.000 respondentów oceniło swój lot “doskonale/bardzo dobrze/dobrze”, pasażerowie wysoko ocenili załogę pokładową (92%), serwis na pokładzie (91%), wybór posiłków i napoji (85%) oraz proces wejścia na pokład (83%).


Październik – Rate My FlightDoskonale/Bardzo dobrze/dobrze
Ogólne wrażenie87%
załoga pokładowa92%
serwis na pokładzie91%
Wybór posiłków i napoji85%
proces wejścia na pokład83%



Kenny Jacobs z Ryanaira powiedział:


“Ryanair przewiózł w październiku prawie 14 milionów pasażerów, a nasza punktualność na ponad 76.000 lotów wyniosła 93% (z wyłączeniem ATC). Niestety niedobory kadrowe wśród kontrolerów ruchu lotniczego ATC miały olbrzymi wpływ na operacje lotnicze opóźniając około 15% lotów, w szczególności we Francji, Niemczech i Hiszpanii. Pomimo tego nasza punktualność zarówno rok do roku jak i miesiąc do miesiąca wzrosła.  

Cieszymy się, że aż 87% pasażerów z ponad 168.000 respondentów ankiety „Rate my flight” oceniło październikową podróż Ryanairem „doskonale/bardzo dobrze/dobrze”, aplikacja „Rate my flight” pozwala ocenić poszczególne aspekty w realnym czasie zaraz po wylądowaniu. Bardzo dziękujemy za wszystkie oceny, które są dla podstawą do stałej poprawy jakosci” 



Ryanair ha reso note oggi (6 novembre) le statistiche del servizio clienti per il mese di ottobre, secondo le quali:

 Il 93% dei voli di ottobre è arrivato puntuale (in crescita rispetto al dato di ottobre 2018 – 90%) ad eccezione dei ritardi dovuti ai controllori di volo

 La carenza di personale di gestione del traffico aereo ha causato ritardi su 11.346 voli Ryanair a ottobre (15%)

Ryanair ha reso noti anche i risultati relativi all’esperienza dei clienti “Rate My Flight” del mese di ottobre, che dimostrano che l’87% degli oltre 168.000 passeggeri che hanno risposto ha valutato il proprio volo come ‘Eccellente/Molto buono/Buono’, registrando alte valutazioni per la cortesia dell’equipaggio (92%), il servizio a bordo (91%), la scelta di cibo e bevande (85%) e le procedure di imbarco (83%).

Ottobre – Rate My Flight

Eccellente/Molto buono/Buono

Esperienza complessiva


Cortesia dell’equipaggio


Servizio a bordo


Scelta di cibo e bevande


Procedure di imbarco



Kenny Jacobs di Ryanair ha affermato:

“Ryanair ha trasportato quasi 14 milioni di passeggeri a ottobre con oltre il 93% dei nostri 76.000 voli arrivato in orario, ad eccezione di ritardi ATC – controllo del traffico aereo. Le carenze e le interruzioni di servizio del personale ATC hanno purtroppo avuto ancora una volta un impatto enorme, causando ritardi sul 15% dei voli – in particolare Germania, Francia e Spagna hanno registrato le peggiori prestazioni ATC a ottobre. Ciononostante, la nostra puntualità continua a migliorare di anno in anno.

Siamo molto lieti che l’87% dei clienti intervistati (oltre 168.000) abbia valutato il proprio volo Ryanair a ottobre come “Eccellente / Molto buono / Buono” utilizzando la funzione “Rate My Flight” di Ryanair, che consente a tutti i clienti di fornire recensioni sui propri voli in tempo reale tramite l’app Ryanair e via mail. Accogliamo con favore questo feedback, che ci incoraggia a migliorare continuamente il nostro servizio clienti”.