Frequent flyer with Ryanair, FR3901

place pointer Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The plane was clean and tidy (looked quite new actually) and the team were very well dressed and well presented. Their shirts were white (not greyish) and tucked in, ladies makeup was lovely and professional.

My flight to Stansted - FR4976

place pointer Brindisi, Italy

In regards to the flight diversion of FR4976 from Stansted, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the pilots for making safety the priority and also the way they communicated to the passengers what was occurring and why.

Thanks for finding my bag

place pointer London, United Kingdom

We travelled (with my wife and daughter) from London to Budapest on the 30th November 8.30AM from Stansted. We already left the building not even realising something is missing.

Thanks for your efficiency

place pointer London, United Kingdom

Many thanks for your prompt attention and efficiency in dealing with our compensation claim. For many years we have flown from Stansted to Biarritz and back again and have always been pleased with the service you provide.

Customer charter

Ryanair is committed to providing our customers with low fares, on-time flights and the best customer service, the key pillars of our Customer Care Charter.

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Latest improvements

We are very pleased to announce some exciting Customer initiatives. Here’s some of what you can look forward to….

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