What our customers say

Efficient service on both trips

Efficient service on both trips. The plane coming home was a pretty new plane and was a very pleasant flight. Staff were very friendly. The extra little bit of space between seats is a great welcome. Great value for money.

Great Value, Always On Time

Ryanair offers cheap flights that allow me to fly home regularly, the planes are modern, clean and out of 100+ flights, I have only been late once. Great value!

Travelling home to see friends/family

Affordable, efficient service. Does what I need and want, which is to fly me cheaply and easily to my destination.

Frequent flyer with Ryanair, FR3901

The plane was clean and tidy (looked quite new actually) and the team were very well dressed and well presented. Their shirts were white (not greyish) and tucked in, ladies makeup was lovely and professional.