Environmental news

Ryanair Goes Greener With New Carbon Calculator

28 July 2021

Director of Sustainability at Ryanair, Thomas Fowler said:

Hundreds of thousands of Ryanair customers every year are already choosing to contribute and support the environment by selecting carbon contribution at their time of booking. The expansion of our Carbon Offset Scheme to enable our customers to fully offset the CO2 of their Ryanair flight will greatly enhance the capabilities of each of our environmental partners who are actively working on carbon offsetting programs.

Sustainability and environmental impact are considered in every business decision made in Ryanair and we are truly dedicated to being a net carbon neutral airline by 2050. Ryanair has the youngest fleet age of any major airline and this will further reduce now that we have taken delivery of our first Boeing 737-8200 ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft – which are more fuel efficient [burning 16% less fuel per seat]; will lower noise emissions by 40% and have 8 more seats per aircraft. Ryanair has set a goal to power 12.5% of all flights with sustainable aviation fuels by 2030, having recently announced a partnership with Trinity College Dublin to engage in best-in-class research on this. We only operate point-to-point routes, have industry leading load factors and are delighted to have already removed over 80%  of non-recyclable plastics from our flights.

Ryanair is committed to being a net carbon neutral airline by 2050 and the expansion of our offset scheme will further pave our way to achieving this goal while helping our environmental partners further their carbon reduction programs.”

Ryanair & Trinity College Launch SAF Centre Ryanair Commits To 12.5% SAF Goal By 2030

29 Apr 2021

Ryanair’s Director of Sustainability, Thomas Fowler, said: 

“This €1.5m donation by Ryanair to help open Ireland’s first Sustainable Aviation Research Centre is a hugely exciting project and an important pillar of our environmental targets, supporting our goal to power 12.5% of flights with sustainable aviation fuels by 2030. As Europe’s largest airline, we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment, to make flying greener and lead our industry towards a more sustainable way of flying while keeping our fares low and affordable for all EU families.

This partnership with Trinity College Dublin seeks to inform and improve future investment by the aviation industry to secure a carbon neutral future for aviation and noise reduction through investment in new technologies. We look forward to working with Associate Professor Stephen Dooley, Professor Stephen Spence and their teams, as they engage in much-sought after research around Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Zero Carbon Aircraft Propulsion Systems and Noise Mapping for low noise aircraft fleets in the hope that the industry will have the knowledge to invest confidently in sustainable fuels and technology going forward”. 

Ryanair Continues To Promote Sustainability Voluntary Carbon Offset To Increase From €1 To €2 From April

19 Feb 2020

Director of Sustainability Tom Fowler said:

“We are pleased with the very positive response from our customers in 2019 to our voluntary Carbon Offset initiative. In addition to paying over €600m in environmental taxes last year, Ryanair has contributed over €1.5m towards carbon offset projects in Europe and Africa – and we are committed to doing more.

Our investments in new aircraft technology will enable us to carry more passengers, but with much lower fuel consumption and lower noise emissions. We are 60% of the way to being plastic free on board by 2024, and our customers are now contributing more than €1.5m p.a. towards carbon offset projects. We thank them sincerely for their support for our ambitious sustainability program.

100% of the funds raised through these voluntary carbon offset donations will be routed to our environmental partners, who are actively working on carbon offset and carbon reduction programs. With this modest increase in voluntary contributions, we can do more in 2020 and we look forward to unveiling more 2020 environmental partners in the coming months.”

Ryanair Customers Offset 280,000 Tonnes Of CO2 In Uganda

30 Oct 2019

“We are delighted to see more and more customers contributing with voluntary donations through our Carbon Offset Initiative. Projects like First Climate’s “Improved Cookstoves” prove that these donations have significant and tangible results on the environment and societies.

We are pleased to support First Climate and we encourage our customers to continue supporting these exciting partnerships by making carbon offset donations when booking flights on the Ryanair.com website. We sincerely thank them for making projects like this possible.”

Ryanair Customers Donate €250,000 To Renature Monchique

22 Oct 2019

“Ryanair, our people and our customers are proud to support this reforestation initiative in the Monchique region of the Algarve. Thousands of hectares of trees were destroyed by forest fires in 2018. We’re very happy to provide these funds to help restore the region’s forests and the unique natural beauty of the Monchique region.”

Ryanair Refutes Transport & Environment Report As Guesswork

22 Jul 2019

“This report by Transport & Environment is based on guesswork and not facts. Claims in this report that regional airports are “likely to be in receipt of state aid” is not research, it’s guesswork. The airports they refer to represent less than 6% of Ryanair’s 152m annual traffic.”…

Europe’s Greenest Airline Condemns Proposed Dutch Aviation Tax Which Rewards Polluters And Penalises Green Flying

15 May 2019

Europe’s greenest, cleanest airline, Ryanair today (15 May) condemned the Dutch Government’s proposed National Aviation Tax, due to be introduced in 2021. This proposed tax will reward environmentally damaging, connecting flights – because it exempts transfer passengers at Schiphol’s hub airport…