Ryanair Becomes First EU Airline To Report Monthly CO2 Emissions

With the highest passenger load factor (96%) and one of the youngest fleets (ave. of 6 years), Ryanair delivers the lowest CO2 per passenger/km in the EU airline industry. Our CO2 per pax/km has been cut from 82g to 67g (-18%) over the last decade. Its current average CO2 per pax/km of 67g is substantially lower than its EU competitors, and Ryanair has committed to reducing this further to under 60g per pax/km by 2030.

MetricsJanuary 2020
Total Kilometres13,475m km
Total Passengers10.8m
Total CO2 Emissions935 kt
CO2 Per Pax/km69g

Our CO2 Monthly Reports To Date

Ryanair is Europe’s greenest/cleanest major airline with the youngest fleet and highest load factors. Our CO2 per passenger/km is 67g, half the rate of other flag carrier European airlines.

See below our performance to date since we began issuing our CO2 emissions report:

MonthCO2 per passenger/Km 
March 202069g
February 202069gRead the results here
January 202069gRead the results here
December 201969gRead the results here
November 201967gRead the results here
October 201967gRead the results here
September 201967gRead the results here
August 201967gRead the results here
July 201967gRead the results here
June 201966gRead the results here
May 201966gRead the results here