Environmental Partner – Renature Monchique

What they do

Renature Monchique is a project to restore land by planting trees in the Monchique area of Algarve, an area devastated by the largest wildfire in Europe in 2018. Ryanair is partnering with Renature Monchique as it works to restore key ecosystems and damaged land thereby returning the potential for this area to deliver ecosystem services once again, supporting local well-being and mitigating against the future impacts of climate change.


Our Partnership

The partnership, launched March 2019 as part of Ryanair’s Carbon Offset initiative will not only offset tonnes of carbon but will also help revitalise the ecology of the Monchique region. This project will support the restoration of important and unique forest habitats to the fire-devastated areas of Monchique in the Algarve.


Who will benefit

Renature Monchique is an exciting initiative thanks to the partnership of the Portuguese Tourism Board, GEOTA & Ryanair.
In August 2018 a Forest Fire devastated the region of Monchique. Thousands and thousands of hectares of trees were destroyed and millions of euros lost as part of the devastation.
Renature Monchique will help with the reforestation of this region. Helping farmers, the local tourism and the region as a whole recover to its original state prior to the destruction of the 2018 forest fires


On behalf of Renature Monchique, GEOTA’s President, Marlene Marques said:

“This commitment from the private sector provides the opportunity for civil society to support the restoration of important and unique forest habitats to the fire-devastated areas of Monchique in the Algarve. Renature Monchique will help restore the ‘cultural

landscapes’ of this area, an important national and international tourism destination. We therefore welcome Ryanair’s and its passengers’ commitment to supporting this initiative as we return these vital habitats to this area, not only for the species that flourish in these habitats, but also to return the devastated woodlands, forests and river bank vegetation that make up this culturally important place. In so doing, Ryanair is also supporting the local council to meet their requirements under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by preventing further land degradation and supporting the climate change mitigation efforts of carbon sequestration by planting trees.”


President of the Algarve Tourism Region, João Fernandes said:


“As the Algarve is a region internationally renowned for the outstanding quality of its beaches and golf courses, a commitment to nature conservation is extremely important for tourism in the area. We are delighted Ryanair’s and its customers’ commitment towards the renaturing of the Monchique Mountain, whose forest habitats were recently devastated by a wildfire. Without the commitment of all involved parties – environmental NGO GEOTA, the Institute for the Preservation of Nature and Forests, the Algarve Tourism Board and other local entities, in addition to Ryanair – it would not be possible to promote the ecological restoration of Monchique’s land and forests in harmony with the remaining territory of the Algarve – which is still the main holiday destination in Portugal.”