Commercial Court Ruling Welcomed

16 Feb 2017

Ryanair today (16 Feb) welcomed the Commercial Court ruling which rejected Google’s attempt to have Ryanair’s competition law* claim against Google’s misleading advertising struck out.

The case will now continue in the Commercial Court, where Ryanair believes Google will be forced to stop allowing its advertisers to mislead unsuspecting customers on the Google search feature, in order to boost Google’s advertising revenues.

Note to editors;

Ryanair launched proceedings against both Google and eDreams in December 2015, in an effort to force Google to stop misleading advertising, and profiting from this internet advertising, which allows eDreams to advertise / masquerade as Ryanair, promoting false fares to mislead unsuspecting customers into booking via the eDreams website (where they pay hidden fees and surcharges) rather than booking directly on the website.

Despite repeated examples of customer rip-offs, Google refused to require eDreams to advertise transparently and honestly because Google profits by duping passengers into clicking on the eDreams paid-for advertising on the Google search feature. This is contrary to Google’s own honesty and transparency policy but maximizes Google advertising revenues.