93% Of Ryanair Flights Arrived On Time In August (Excl Atc)

04 Sep 2019

86% Of Customers Rate Ryanair ‘Excellent/Very Good’


Ryanair today (4 Sept) released its August customer service statistics, which show that:


  • 93% of August flights arrived on-time (up from 89% August 2018) excl. ATC delays
  • ATC staff shortages delayed 18,785 Ryanair flights in August – the worst so far this year
  • Just 10 flights cancelled (down from 547 in August 2018)


Ryanair also released its August ‘Rate My Flight’ customer experience scores, which show 86% of over 131,000 respondents rated their flight ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’, with high ratings for crew friendliness (91%), onboard service (90%), range of food & drink (83%), and boarding (82%).


August – Rate My FlightExcellent/Very Good /Good
Customer Experience86%
Crew Friendliness91%
Onboard Service90%
Food & Drink Range83%


Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:


“Ryanair carried almost 15m customers in August with over 93% of our 81,000 flights arriving on-time excl. ATC delays. ATC staff shortages and disruptions have, yet again, had a huge impact across Europe – particularly in France, Spain and Germany. August was the worst month so far this year for ATC delays, but we are pleased to say we managed this well, and our punctuality excluding these ATC delays has risen both month-on-month and year-on-year.”


We’re very pleased that 86% of customers surveyed (over 131,000) rated their Ryanair flight in August as ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’ using Ryanair’s Rate My Flight feature, which allows all customers to provide real-time reviews of their flights via the Ryanair app and email. We welcome this feedback, which encourages us to continuously improve our customer service.”