OK Codacons Seal of Approval

Ryanair, Europe and Italy’s No 1 airline is the first airline to be awarded the ‘OK Codacons’ seal, a recognition of reliability from Codacons – Italy’s leading consumer association – following positive feedback from Italian consumers and approval by ENAC.

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Ryanair's Dara Brady said:

“Ryanair is pleased to announce we are the first airline to be awarded the ‘OK Codacons’ seal, following our partnership announcement with Codacons in August last year. This recognition as reliable, transparent and digitally advanced company from Italy’s leading consumer association, is a hugely important part of our continued commitment to improving the customer experience across all our services and platforms”.

The Partnership

Codacons and Ryanair announced their new partnership in 2019, which saw the airline sign up for an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Italian customer EU261 claims. The partnership also enabled Ryanair and Codacons to collaborate on analysing consumer feedback through merged surveys and rigorous assessment of services and policies – including punctuality, prices, network, flight comfort, cleanliness, transparency of bureaucratic procedures and quality of staff assistance.

Customers' Feedback

Consumers’ feedback was essentially positive and pointed out room for improvement, allowing the airline to obtain the “OK Codacons” seal, a recognition of reliability for having adopted ADR procedure and having submitted its operations to the examination of the general conditions of transport.

Value & Reliability

Codacons will coordinate and supervise the implementation of the ADR platform, and manage consultants working on the mediation proceedings focused on EU261 claims

Ryanair and Codacons will also collaborate on analysing consumer feedback and sentiment through surveys and rigorous assessment of policies. Ryanair will proudly display the OK Codacons seal in Italy to show that it is the airline Italian consumers can trust for value and reliability.

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Codacons’ President Carlo Rienzi said:

“We are delighted to award Ryanair the ‘OK Codacons’ seal of approval, based on a thorough analysis of consumer feedback and sentiment. Our partnership with Ryanair offers customers a new ADR tool to have their complaints examined, giving indications on the travel experience of Italian passengers and highlighting room for improvement.”


Ryanair has been awarded two out of three shamrocks – purple and blue. The Purple shamrock confirms that Ryanair uses customer-friendly conditions of carriage, offers passengers transparent terms and conditions, and efficient customer service. The Blue Shamrock confirms that Ryanair has a user-friendly website with a transparent cookie policy and makes proper use of social media to inform its passengers as required. Ryanair has also initiated procedure to obtain the yellow shamrock based on its ongoing environmental commitments as Europe’s greenest, cleanest airline.

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