Ryanair & European Integration

Ryanair & LCCs Contribute to European Economy & Integration

Ryanair & European Integration report

Ryanair welcomed the 2018 findings of a research project carried out by CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) exploring the impact of low-cost carriers in Europe in terms of integration and patterns of mobility.

The report, titled ‘Low-Cost Airlines: Bringing the EU Closer Together’, considered several channels to assess the extent of the contribution of low-cost carriers like Ryanair to European integration including labour and student mobility, business travel and leisure tourism.

Focusing on quantitative data as well as qualitative, individual case studies, the report served to highlight how low-cost connectivity improves the quality of people’s lives.

The report found that LCCs played a vital role in bringing Europe closer together by fostering mobility and making air travel affordable to a wider public.

Low-cost airlines – led by Ryanair – have revolutionised air travel over the past 35 years. By challenging the high-fare monopoly legacy carriers in Europe, Ryanair and other low-cost airlines have done more for European integration through travel, tourism and labour mobility, than perhaps any institution.

To date, Ryanair:

• Carries 149m customers on over 1,800 different routes
• Serves over 225 airports in 37 different countries,
• Supports local economies and regional development of less travelled regions
• Helps Erasmus students save more on their travel – over €3.3m saved since August 2017
• Continues to stimulate labour mobility and business travel through Ryanair Flexi Plus

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