Environmental Policy

Ryanair, Europe’s greenest airline, has launched our new Environmental Policy, which commits to ambitious future environmental targets building on impressive achievements to date, including commitments to address climate change, and the priorities and policies which will allow Ryanair to continue to lower CO2 emissions and noise pollution.  We will lead the way through these initiatives, and our progress will be published annually on our website and in our annual report.

This Environmental Policy illustrates Ryanair’s commitment to managing its impact on the environment by:

– Leading the way as Europe’s greenest, cleanest airline (Find out more here)

– Committing to ambitious environmental targets (Find out more here)

– Investing billions in the newest, most fuel efficient aircraft (Find out more here)

– Committing to eliminate all non-recyclable plastics within 5 years (Find out more here)

– Allowing customers to donate to carbon offsetting programmes and environmental projects  (Find out more here)