Operational Safety & Security

We’re very proud of our industry-leading 38+ year safety record and we continue to prioritise the safety and security of our people and customers above all else.

Ryanair has not had a single fatality in its 38+ year operating history. The Ryanair Safety Committee reviews air safety and security performance on an ongoing basis. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors quarterly and includes Ryanair’s Chief Risk Officer; the Non-Executive Director, responsible for Safety at Board level and the Accountable Managers of each of the Ryanair Group Airlines. This Committee facilitates the sharing of best safety and security practices across the Group.

Our Safety Strategy 2020-2024

Safety and security remain our top priority. As part of this unwavering commitment, we will continue to invest in and develop our Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure it is robust and facilitates our goal of continuous improvement. Our 2020 – 2024 Safety Strategy builds on our experience, acknowledges our past achievements and establishes safety targets for the future.

Safe Strategy

We have identified 5 focus areas and 14 strategic safety goals