Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Well… someone has to do it!

Meet the team that makes the BIG calls!

Andreas Gruber

Laudamotion CEO

Not to be confused with the Austrian screenwriter and director, this Andreas was appointed in 2018 and takes care of our business at Laudamotion.

John Hurley


John was appointed in 2014. When he’s not cheering for Liverpool FC, he leads our Labs team of software developers — so, you could say he’s the Sheldon Cooper of our entire Group.

Michal Kaczmarzyk

Buzz CEO

Michal joined Buzz in 2017 and is second only to Mehran Nasseri for dwelling in airports — just look at his professional experience.

Juliusz Komorek

Group Chief Legal Officer

Who you gonna call? Juliusz! — to get you out of trouble that is. Our legal laureate dispenses considered legal advice (as he lightly clears his throat) in the manner of a chess grandmaster.

Tracey McCann

Ryanair CFO

From cutting hair to cutting costs! Tracey joined Ryanair in 1991, leaving behind her career as a trainee hairdresser to instead qualify as an accountant and manage all our money!

David O’Brien

Malta Air & Lauda Europe CEO

When he’s not practicing his wheelies this former military man is running the show at Malta Air having previously served as Ryanair’s CCO since January 2014.

Mick O’Leary

Group CEO

Group CEO since 1827. Known for his poor dress sense and regularly jumping the canteen queue. Loves pedigree Irish beef and is never late for work thanks to Dublin’s most efficient bus lanes.

Carol Sharkey

Chief Risk Officer

Music cue: Jaws soundtrack Carol is responsible for maintaining our industry-leading safety record and is the reason we all get to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

Neil Sorahan

Group CFO

‘The name’s Bond… 7-year bond.’ Neil is the black belt of finance, chopping budgets, kicking down costs and making sure the Group continues to grow and bring in the dough.

Eddie Wilson

Ryanair CEO

Eddie has made a huge contribution to Ryanair’s growth without ever losing his South Dublin accent, boyish charm or North Dublin address.