Our Emissions

Our Emissions

Keeping them low, just like our fares

One of the world’s highest-rated environmental airlines.

CDP awarded Ryanair an industry-leading ‘A-‘ climate protection score.

CO2One Eng. TaxiLoad Factor
May 202465g81%95%
April 2024 65g 82%92%
March 2024 65g82%93%
February 2024 64g 82% 92%
January 2024 67g75%89%
December 2023 67g 75%91%
November 202366g82%92%
October 2023 66g76%93%
September 202366g 76%94%
August 202365g 76% 96%
July 202365g 76%96%
June 202366g 76%95%
May 202366g76%94%
April 202366g77%94%
March 202366g77%93%
February 202365g78%92%
January 202366g78%91%
December 202266g76%92%
November 202266g77%92%
October 202266g77%94%
September 202266g77%94%
August 202265g77%96%
July 202265g77%96%
June 202265g78%95%
May 202266g79%92%
April 202267g79%91%
March 202269g80%87%
February 202270g79%86%
January 202275g79%79%
December 202177g80%81%
November 2021 73g80%86%
October 2021 76g80%84%
September 2021 78g79%81%
August 2021 77g80%82%
July 2021 79g79%80%
June 2021 86g79%72%
May 2021 81g81%79%
April 2021 96g81%67%
March 2021 104g82%77%
February 2021 87g82%78%
January 2021 86g82%69%