Ryanair Supports Ireland Cerebral Palsy Football Team For The 2019 IFCPF World Cup

04 Jul 2019

Ryanair, Ireland’s No 1 airline, today (4 July) announced it is sponsoring the FAI Cerebral Palsy football team for the Cerebral Palsy World Cup in Spain, through Ryanair’s Scratchcard initiative.


The FAI Cerebral Palsy team is part of the FAI’s Football For All Programme, which provides opportunities for over 3,500 players to play football in their local community. Ireland’s CP team is one of 9 international disability player initiatives, ensuring players of all ability can pull on the green jersey.


Ryanair will fly the team to Seville for the World Cup tournament and sponsorship has been provided through Ryanair’s Scratchcard initiative. Ryanair Scratchcards offer customers the opportunity to win cash prizes, luxury cars and the chance to scoop an impressive €1 million – all for a stake of just €2, with ongoing donations made to numerous charities and organisations across Europe.


Ryanair’s Alejandra Ruiz said:


“Ryanair is proud to support the FAI Cerebral Palsy team for the CP World Cup in Spain with a €20,000 donation, raised through the Ryanair Scratchcard initiative, which provides ongoing support to charities and worthy organisations across Europe. We wish coach Paul Breen and his team the very best for the World Cup. When it comes to football or low fares, you’ll never beat the Irish.” 


FAI’s Football For All National Coordinator, Oisin Jordan said:


“Ryanair’s support for the Irish CP squad in their preparations for the World Cup with a cheque for €20,000 is really appreciated as it ensures the squad can prepare properly for the upcoming IFCPF World Cup in Seville, Spain. We are delighted to be partnering with Ryanair and look forward to potentially a longer partnership with this Irish squad.”