9 Additional New Routes From Morocco

10 May 2018

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (10 May) launched 9 additional new routes from Morocco (5 from Marrakesh and 4 from Fez) which will operate as part of its significantly expanded Winter 2018 schedule, which includes 18 other new routes announced previously. These 9 new routes (97 routes in total) will help deliver 3.9m customers p.a. through Ryanair’s 7 Moroccan airports this year.
Ryanair’s Moroccan W18 schedule will deliver:
• 9 new routes: 5 from Marrakesh to Bordeaux, Bratislava, Oslo, Stockholm & Stuttgart, and 4 from Fez to Brest, Bordeaux, Turin & Venice Treviso
• 97 routes in total
• 3.9 m customers p.a. (+26%)
• 3,000* on-site jobs

Moroccan consumers and visitors can book their holidays as far out as March 2019, on even lower fares, and enjoy Ryanair’s 2018 “Always Getting Better” improvements including:
• Reduced checked-in bag fees – lower €25 fee, bigger 20kg bag allowance
• Ryanair Rooms with 10% off Travel Credit
• Ryanair Transfers – wider choice of ground transport with new partner Car Trawler
• Punctuality Promise – 90% of Ryanair flights will be on time
• Price Promise – find a cheaper fare and Ryanair will refund the difference + €5 to your My Ryanair account

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said:
“We are pleased to launch 9 new routes from Morocco in addition to the other 18 new routes announced previously (97 in total), delivering 3.9 million customers p.a. as Ryanair grows by 26% in Morocco. Moroccan customers and visitors can book our Winter 2018 seats as fares continue to fall, so there’s never been a better time to book a low fare flight with Ryanair.
To celebrate the launch of our Moroccan Winter 2018 schedule we are releasing seats for sale from just 217 Mad for travel in May and June, which are available for booking until midnight Friday (11 May). Since these amazing low prices will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.”
Rachid Hamzaoui, CEO of the Moroccan National Tourist Office said:
“We are very pleased about the developments of Ryanair in Morocco. Together, we have reached an outstanding relationship that helped us connect our various destinations to the rest of the world and we are aiming at reaching more outgoing markets with Ryanair. Through this partnership, many international visitors will experience the variety, enrichment and unique experiences that Morocco offers. In winter 18, 7 Moroccan destinations will be connected through Ryanair flights, offering a good mixture of culture, nature, sun and beach holidays.”