92% Of Ryanair Flights Arrived On Time In July (Excl ATC)

07 Aug 2019
  • 85% Of Customers Rate Ryanair ‘Excellent/Very Good’

  • July Worst Month So Far In 2019 For ATC Delays

Ryanair today (7 Aug) released its July customer service statistics, which show that:

  • 92% of July flights arrived on-time (up from 84% July 2018) excl. ATC delays
  • ATC staff shortages delayed 16,500 Ryanair flights in July – the worst so far this year
  • 86 flights cancelled (down from 1,768 in July 2018)

Ryanair also released its July ‘Rate My Flight’ customer experience scores, which show 85% of over 131,000 respondents rated their flight ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’, with high ratings for crew friendliness (91%), onboard service (89%), range of food & drink (83%), and boarding (81%).


July – Rate My FlightExcellent/Very Good /Good
Customer Experience85%
Crew Friendliness91%
Onboard Service89%
Food & Drink Range83%


Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

“Ryanair carried almost 15m customers in July with over 92% of our 81,000 flights arriving on-time excl. ATC delays. While we continue to deliver industry leading punctuality, ATC staff shortages and disruptions regrettably had a huge impact in July across Europe – particularly in France, Germany, Spain, UK and Austria – making July the worst month so far in 2019 for these avoidable delays.

We’re very pleased that 85% of customers surveyed (over 131,000) rated their Ryanair flight in July as ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’ using Ryanair’s Rate My Flight feature, which allows all customers to provide real-time reviews of their flights via the Ryanair app and email. We welcome this feedback, which encourages us to continuously improve our customer service.”