Customers Urged To Comply With Cabin Bag Rules To Avoid Flight Delays This Summer

11 Jul 2017

Ryanair, Europe’s No 1 airline, today (11 July) urged its customers to comply fully with its cabin bag rules as it enters its busiest ever summer season. Ryanair customers enjoy one of the most generous cabin bag rules in Europe and may bring one 10kg cabin bag and one smaller bag onboard. However, given Ryanair flights are 95% full this summer, customers have been reminded they must comply with the following bag rules:

Cabin bags – The maximum dimensions for cabin bags are:

  • 1 normal cabin bag(55cm x 40cm x 20cm in size and 10kg in weight)
  • 1 small bag(handbag, laptop bag, airport shopping bag etc)

Due to overhead locker cabin space limitations, only 90 normal cabin bags (55 x 40 x 20 cms) can be carried in the cabin and any remaining normal cabin bags can be carried free of charge in the aircraft hold. Both carry-on bags must fit in the sizer at the boarding gate and any oversized cabin bags will be refused, or where available, placed in the aircraft hold for a fee of £50/€50.

Priority Boarding:

Customers who purchase Priority Boarding are guaranteed to get their bag on board as they board the aircraft first. Priority Boarding can be added to a booking from just €5. Customers travelling on short 2-4 day breaks who wish to ensure their cabin bag doesn’t go in the hold, are advised to add Priority Boarding.

Check-in bags:

Customers who are travelling on holidays for longer periods and who wish to bring larger than 10kg bags are advised to select checked-in bags and check their luggage into the hold.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

“Customers are permitted to bring a normal cabin bag and a smaller bag onboard and the allowance of a second bag has been one of our most popular “Always Getting Better” improvements. However, we’ve noticed some customers are bringing larger than permitted bags onboard, which can cause delays, and our policy may be reviewed should this practice continue. 

As we enter the peak summer period with many full flights, we urge customers to ensure that they travel with less carry-on bags where possible. Our aircraft can only carry 90 larger carry-on bags and our gate agents will rigorously enforce our carry-on policy to avoid flight delays and ensure an enjoyable travel experience for all customers. Any customers who wish to carry larger baggage are advised to purchase a checked-in bag.”