Ryanair Calls On Government To Act Now On Taskforce Recommendations

23 Jun 2020

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (Tues, 23 June) called on the Government to act immediately on the recommendations of its Aviation Taskforce.  The Aviation Taskforce reports that “Ireland is now significantly behind” other EU member states and recommends:

  • Lifting the Quarantine
  • Aligning Ireland’s air travel protocols with other European states
  • Stimulating additional flights and consumer demand

Speaking today, Ryanair CEO, Eddie Wilson, said:

Ryanair welcomes the Aviation Taskforce report and calls on the Government to implement its own Taskforce recommendations to save what’s left of the summer season and start to recover lost airline traffic.  A great number of the 140,000 Irish jobs which rely on aviation may be lost forever if these measures are not adopted without delay.”