Ryanair To Appeal Wizz Air’s Desperate Buzz Injunction In Hungary

30 Jun 2020

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline group, today (Tues, 30th June) announced that it will appeal Wizz Air’s desperate interim injunction to block Buzz, a subsidiary of the Ryanair Group, from using its “Buzz” brand in Hungary. Over the past 17 years, the Buzz brand has been part of the Ryanair Group, and it is currently one of Poland’s biggest airlines and on track to becoming the clear winner in competition with higher fare Wizz. This desperate Hungarian court case brought by Wizz in Budapest, seeking to block Buzz from using its 17 year old name and brand in Hungary, shows that Wizz cannot compete on price or service with the Ryanair owned Buzz airline.

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s Group CEO, said:

“Due to Buzz’s unbeatable combination of lower fares and industry leading service, it is on track to become Poland’s number one airline. It’s clear that Wizz Air is terrified of Buzz’s lower fare competition, which is why they are trying to block Buzz using its Buzz brand in Hungary where Wizz are cutting aircraft and capacity in Budapest. They should stop wasting time with lawyers and start focusing their energy on reducing their costs to rival lower cost Buzz.

We look forward to overturning this silly injunction on appeal, and we will continue to focus on Buzz’s expansion in Hungary, as the lowest fare, industry leading service winner across Central and Eastern Europe, even while Wizz are cutting aircraft and capacity in Budapest. Those that can, compete, and those that can’t – like Wizz- run to Court seeking injunctions to protect them.”