Ryanair Welcomes Deputy Pm Peeters Decision To Withdraw Legal Action As Ryanair Resolves All Customer Protection Issues

22 Jan 2018

Ryanair today (Mon 22 Jan) welcomes the decision by Deputy PM Mr Kris Peeters and his Ministry to drop a number of legal cases again Ryanair arising from its September 2017 flight cancellations. Ryanair has worked intensively with the Belgian Aviation Regulator and the Ministry’s Consumer Protection Unit to ensure that all customers affected by these flight cancellations were re-accommodated and/or received their full EU261 entitlements.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

Ryanair has worked closely with the Belgian authorities to improve the wording of its EU261 notifications and to expedite all customer claims arising from the September cancellations and we wish to thank Deputy PM Peeters and his team for their help and cooperation in this process. We also welcome today’s decision to drop these legal cases, which recognises that Ryanair customer disruption policies are among the very best in the airline industry both in Belgium and within the EU.

We will now continue to invest in, and grow, our low fares business in Belgium where we plan to grow our traffic and visitor numbers in both Charleroi and Zaventem airports in 2018”