Ryanair Disagrees (But Will Comply) With Baseless ASA Ruling

Ryanair respectfully disagrees with the ASA’s decision on Ryanair’s “Jab & Go” ad campaign, as the advert is both factual and accurate, it promotes bookings for “Easter and Summer 2021” on the basis that vaccines are coming, which is exactly what PM Boris Johnson has confirmed. Not only are vaccines coming but the UK Govt have confirmed that all high risk groups (over 70’s) and frontline healthcare workers will be vaccinated by mid-February, which gives UK customers more confidence to book for Easter and Summer, and if their travel plans change then no change fee applies. The baseless claims that the ASA have used in their determination now means that all advertising by Airlines, Tour Operators, and travel agents for travel or holidays this Easter & Summer should also be banned.


A Ryanair Spokesperson said:

“The ASA’s ruling flies in the face of the UK’s successful vaccine rollout, however even though this ruling is baseless, Ryanair will comply with it and the Jab & Go adverts will not run again.”

Ryanair Calls On Belgian Government To Save Jobs And Restore Connectivity

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline has today (Wednesday, 13th Jan) called on the Belgian Government to save tourism and thousands of jobs by implementing incentive schemes to reduce airport and landing charges and stimulate passenger recovery at Charleroi and Zaventem airports for summer 21. Instead of wasting €290m of taxpayers’ money on bailing out German-owned Brussels Airlines (through illegal state aid) Ryanair calls on the Belgian Government to take immediate action to reduce airport and landing charges that will help protect vital air transport links.

Ryanair has worked with airports and Governments across Europe to secure airport charges reductions. The Belgian Government should support passenger incentive schemes at Charleroi and Zaventem airports, available to all airlines on an equal basis to restore and grow traffic from summer 21.


A spokesperson for Ryanair said:

We oppose any state aid that is non-transparent and discriminatory. The Belgian Govt has been busy sending €290m of Belgian taxpayers money to Frankfurt to bail out a German-owned airline, when Lufthansa say they don’t even need this money, and yet this Government has failed to implement any incentive schemes that will aid the recovery of passenger numbers for summer 21 which supports Belgian jobs at Belgian Airports.  

At a time when aviation is going through its biggest crisis in its history, the Government and airports should be implementing new incentive schemes that reduce airport and landing charges at all Belgian airports and stimulate recovery instead of sending Belgian taxpayers’ money to Frankfurt.

Il 92% Dei Voli Ryanair È Arrivato In Orario A Dicembre

L’89% Dei Clienti Ha Giudicato Ryanair ‘Eccellente/Molto Buono/Buono

Ryanair ha reso noto oggi (7 Gennaio) le statistiche mensili del servizio clienti, secondo le quali il 92% dei voli di Dicembre è arrivato puntuale.

In un’epoca in cui la fiducia dei clienti nei viaggi aerei deve essere ristabilita, Ryanair, la  compagnia aerea n. 1 in Europa, continua a garantire la soddisfazione delle esigenze e delle aspettative dei propri clienti. I risultati relativi all’esperienza dei clienti “Rate My Flight” del mese di Dicembre, dimostrano che l’89% degli 11.000 intervistati ha valutato il proprio volo come ‘Eccellente/Molto buono/Buono’, registrando alte valutazioni per la cortesia dell’equipaggio (94%), il servizio a bordo (92%), la scelta di cibo e bevande (86%) e le procedure di imbarco (84%).

L’introduzione di una nuova serie di linee guida in occasione della ripresa dei viaggi aerei il 1° luglio, si pone l’obiettivo di proteggere la salute dei clienti e degli equipaggi. Ryanair è desiderosa di creare consapevolezza su queste misure sanitarie adottate su tutti i voli, su ogni aereo e in ogni mercato in cui opera.

Dara Brady di Ryanair ha affermato:

“Ryanair ha trasportato 1,9 milioni di passeggeri a Dicembre e siamo lieti di affermare che il 92% dei nostri voli è arrivato in orario.

Vengono applicate misure quotidiane di sanificazione, a bordo vige l’obbligo di indossare le mascherine e vengono privilegiate transazioni contactless per garantire che i nostri clienti si sentano sicuri quando volano con noi.

Siamo lieti che l’89% dei clienti intervistati (11.000), che hanno volato con le nostre nuove linee guida per la salute e la sicurezza, abbiano valutato il proprio volo Ryanair a Dicembre come ‘Eccellente / Molto buono / buono’ utilizzando la funzione “Rate My flight” (Valuta il mio volo) di Ryanair, che consente a tutti i clienti di fornire recensioni in tempo reale tramite l’app Ryanair e l’e-mail”

Ryanair Cuts Full Year (To Mar 21) Traffic Forecast From “Below 35m” To “Below 30m” As New Covid Lockdowns & Travel Restrictions Announced By Irish & UK Govts

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, today (Thurs 7th Jan) briefed the markets that it now expects the newly announced Covid lockdowns in Ireland, the UK, and a small number of other EU countries this week, will materially reduce its flight schedules and traffic forecast through Jan, Feb & Mar. Ryanair now expects its Jan traffic to fall to under 1.25m passengers, and that new Covid restrictions could also reduce Feb and Mar traffic to as little as 500,000 passengers each month. In response, Ryanair will significantly cut its flight schedules from Thurs 21 Jan, which will result in few, if any, flights being operated to/from Ireland or the UK from the end of Jan until such time as these draconian travel restrictions are removed. All customers affected by these further flight cancellations and further travel restrictions will receive emails advising them of their entitlements of free moves and/or refunds later today.

These new cutbacks will reduce full year (FY March ’21) traffic forecast from currently “below 35m” to between 26m to 30m passengers. Ryanair does not expect these flight cuts and further traffic reductions will materially affect its net loss for the year to 31 March 2021 since many of these flights would have been loss making.

Ryanair calls on the Irish and UK Governments to accelerate the slow pace of vaccine rollouts, and in particular, calls on the Irish Government to explain why Denmark, with a population of 5m, has vaccinated 40,000 citizens by Wed 6th Jan, whereas Ireland with a similar 5m pop., has vaccinated just 4,000, a vaccination rate that is 10 times slower than that of Denmark.


A Spokesperson for Ryanair said:

“The WHO have previously confirmed that Governments should do everything possible to avoid brutal lockdowns, because lockdowns “do not get rid of the virus”. Ireland’s Covid-19 travel restrictions are already the most stringent in Europe, and so these new flight restrictions are inexplicable and ineffective when Ireland continues to operate an open border between the Republic and the North of Ireland. Since Ireland’s third lockdown will not get rid of the Covid virus, there is an onus on the Irish  Government to accelerate the rollout of vaccines, and the fact that the Danish Government, with a similar 5m population, has already vaccinated 10 times more citizens than Ireland shows that emergency action is needed to speed Covid vaccinations in Ireland.

NPHET (Ireland’s Public Health Team), which we believe has mismanaged many aspects of Ireland’s Covid response (face masks, test & trace, international travel, care homes and meat factories), should now release a daily report of the number of vaccines administered in Ireland, and explain why they continue to run behind the vaccination rates of other similar sized EU countries. Vaccinations rather than lockdowns is the way out of this Covid-19 crisis, and the sooner NPHET takes action to accelerate Ireland’s vaccine rollout speed, the better.”

92% Of Ryanair Flights Arrived On Time In December

89% Of Customers Rate Ryanair Excellent / Very Good / Good

Ryanair today (06 Jan) released its monthly customer service statistics, showing that 92% of December flights arrived on-time.

In an era when customer confidence needs to be restored in air travel, as Europe’s no. 1 airline, Ryanair continues to ensure they meet their customer’s needs and safety expectations. The ‘Rate My Flight’ customer experience survey for December indicates that 89% of nearly 11,000 respondents rated their flight ‘Excellent / Very Good / Good’, as well as high ratings emerging for crew friendliness (94%), onboard service (92%), range of food & drink (86%), and boarding (84%).

Having introduced a new set of guidelines when air travel re-commenced on 1 July 2020 that protect the health of customers and crew, Ryanair is keen to create awareness of these safety measures undertaken on all flights, on every aircraft and in each market in which they operate.


Rate My Flight

Excell /V Good / Good

Customer Experience


Crew Friendliness


Onboard Service


Food & Drink Range





Ryanair’s Dara Brady said:

“Ryanair Group Airlines carried 1.9m customers in December, and we are pleased that 92% of our flights arrived on time.

Our healthy flying initiatives, such as daily disinfectant measures, mandatory face masks and contactless initiatives are in place to ensure our customers feel confident when flying with us.

We’re delighted that 89% of customers surveyed (nearly 11,000), who have been flying with our new health guidelines, rated their Ryanair flight in December as ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’ using Ryanair’s Rate My Flight feature, which allows all customers to provide real-time reviews of their flights via the Ryanair app and email.

Ryanair Announces 8 New Routes To Morocco From February 2021

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, today (23 Dec) announced 8 new routes to Morocco this winter, commencing from February 2021. These flights are in response to record demand from consumers, which in turn allows Ryanair to support the local economy and tourism during early 2021.

Ryanair’s Moroccan Winter 20/21 schedule now includes:

DestinationWeekly Flights
Baden-baden- Marrakesh1
Frankfurt Hahn-Marrakesh1
Memmingen- Marrakesh1
Tours- Marrakesh1
Treviso- Marrakesh1


European consumers and visitors can now book a getaway in early 2021, flying on the lowest fares to Morocco from destinations including Eindhoven, Treviso, Valencia, Weeze among many others.

To celebrate, Ryanair has launched a seat sale with fares available from just €19.99, for travel until the end of March 2021 which must be booked by midnight Friday (25 Dec) only on the Ryanair.com website.

Ryanair’s Director of Commercial Jason McGuinness said:

“Ryanair is pleased to announce it will add an additional 8 new routes to our Moroccan winter schedule commencing from Feb 2021. We’re delighted to continue supporting Morocco’s tourism sector with even more routes available from Eindhoven, Treviso, Valencia, Weeze among many others.

To celebrate, we are launching a seat sale with fares available from just €19.99 for travel from February, which must be booked by midnight Friday (25 Dec). Since these amazing low fares will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.”

Malta Air & Ver.Di, Gewerkschaft Des Deutschen Kabinenpersonals, Einigen Sich Auf Lohnkürzungen Zum Erhalt Deutscher Arbeitsplätze

Malta Air hat heute (Mittwoch, 23. Dezember) bestätigt, dass sie mit Ver.di im Namen des deutschen Kabinenpersonals eine Notstandsvereinbarung zum Erhalt von Arbeitsplätzen abgeschlossen hat. Diese umfasst eine langfristige Vereinbarung, die moderate Kürzungen der Löhne (welche innerhalb der Laufzeit der Vereinbarung wieder rückgängig gemacht werden), Produktivitätsverbesserungen und Zugang zu staatlichen Unterstützungen vorsieht.

Dies sind vernünftige, zeitlich begrenzte Maßnahmen, um so viele Arbeitsplätze des deutschen Kabinenpersonals wie möglich zu erhalten, und diese Vereinbarung gibt Malta Air einen Rahmen, um ihren Betrieb während der Covid-19-Krise flexibel zu gestalten und eine Erholung zu ermöglichen, wenn sich das Geschäft in den kommenden Jahren wieder normalisiert.

Die Ver.di-Vereinbarung wurde von der Mehrheit des in Deutschland ansässigen Kabinenpersonals von Malta Air angenommen und folgt einer ähnlichen Vereinbarung, die im Juli dieses Jahres mit der Vereinigung Cockpit für die in Deutschland ansässigen Piloten von Malta Air erzielt wurde. Das Votum für die Vereinbarung zeigt, dass das Kabinenpersonal von Malta Air und ihre Gewerkschaften bereit sind, während der Covid-19-Krise mit dem Unternehmen zusammenzuarbeiten, da Malta Air alles in ihrer Macht stehende tut, um Arbeitsplätze zu sichern, während die Lufthansa Tausende von Stellen abbaut und gleichzeitig Milliarden Euro an staatlichen Zuschüssen erhält.

Ein Sprecher sagte:

“Wir begrüßen diese Einigung, die mit Ver.di und unserem deutschen Kabinenpersonal erzielt wurde – sie haben eine langfristige Vereinbarung akzeptiert, die moderate Kürzungen der Löhne (welche innerhalb der Laufzeit der Vereinbarung wieder rückgängig gemacht werden), Produktivitätsverbesserungen und Zugang zu staatlichen Unterstützungen beinhaltet, um so viele deutsche Arbeitsplätze wie möglich zu erhalten.

Dies folgt einer ähnlichen Vereinbarung, die Anfang des Jahres mit den deutschen Piloten von Malta Air abgeschlossen wurde und die ihre gemeinsame Bereitschaft widerspiegelt, während der Covid-19-Krise mit uns zu arbeiten.

Die Vereinbarungen, die mit VC und Ver.di getroffen wurden, bieten der in Deutschland ansässigen Crew eine Möglichkeit für den Zugang zu staatlicher Unterstützung in dieser Zeit der beispiellosen Krise. Malta Air fordert die Kölner Arbeitsagentur sowie die Bundesregierung auf, die diskriminierende Vorenthaltung staatlicher Unterstützung für die Piloten und das Kabinenpersonal von Malta Air einzustellen.“