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Ryanair Welcomes EU Court Ruling On Condor State Aid

Ryanair today (9 June) welcomed the EU General Court’s annulment of the European Commission’s approval of State aid by Germany to Condor.  In April 2020, the German government granted a €550m loan to Condor, which had already benefited from a €380m rescue loan from Germany in 2019 following the bankruptcy of its parent company, Thomas Cook. While the Covid-19 crisis has caused damage to all airlines that contribute to the economy and the connectivity of … more

News 09 Jun 2021

Ryanair Reports Full Year Loss Of €815m As Traffic Falls 81% Due To Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

 Ryanair Holdings plc today (17 May) reported a full year loss of €815m (excl. hedge ineffectiveness), compared to a PY profit of €1,002m. Features of FY21 included: FY21 traffic fell 81% from 149m to 27.5m … more

News 17 May 2021

Ryanair Lance Un Portefeuille Digital Covid-19

Ryanair, 1ère compagnie aérienne d’Europe, a lancé aujourd’hui (10 mars) un nouveau portefeuille de voyage Covid-19 (Travel Wallet), disponible uniquement sur l’application Ryanair. Les clients peuvent désormais télécharger leurs tests PCR négatifs, leurs certificats de … more

News 11 Mar 2021

92% Des Vols Ryanair Arrivés À L’heure En Décembre

89% Des Clients Évaluent Leur Vol Comme « Excellent / Très Bien / Bien » Ryanair a publié aujourd’hui (6 janvier) ses statistiques de service à la clientèle pour le mois de décembre, qui indiquent … more

News 06 Jan 2021

Ryanair Orders 75 Boeing Max-8200 Aircraft (210 In Total)

Deliveries Start Early In 2021 And Run Until Dec. 2024 Value Of 210 X 737 Firm Order Exceeds $22 Billion Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, today (3 Dec. 2020) signed a purchase agreement with Boeing for … more

News 03 Dec 2020

Ryanair Reports H1 Loss Of €197m As Traffic Falls 80% To 17m

Ryanair Holdings plc today (2 Nov.) reported a H1 loss of €197m, compared to a PY H1 profit of €1.15bn. Highlights of this 6-month period include: 99% of the fleet grounded from mid-March to end … more

News 02 Nov 2020

Ryanair Lance Une Offre Avec 50% De Réduction Sur Une Sélection De Sièges

Ryanair, la première compagnie aérienne européenne, lance aujourd’hui (mardi 8 septembre) 50 % de réduction sur une sélection de sièges pour voyager en septembre et octobre. Il est temps de bannir le blues automnal et … more

News 08 Sep 2020