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TAP’s Slot Hoarding Blocks Lisbon Growth And Forces Loss Of 700 Lisbon Flights This Winter

Ryanair, Europe’s largest and greenest airline, today (15 Oct) confirmed it has been forced to cancel 700 flights and three Lisbon routes (to Tours, Oujda and Bari) this Winter due to TAP’s continued hoarding of take-off and landing slots (which TAP does not use) at Lisbon Portela Airport. This anti-competitive “slot blocking” has prevented Ryanair from obtaining sufficient slots (despite the assistance of the slot coordinator and the airport operator), for planned new route growth. … more

News 15 Oct 2021

Ryanair September Traffic Rises To 10.6m Guests

Ryanair Holdings plc today (Mon, 4 Oct) released September traffic statistics as follows:   RYR GROUP SEP 2020 SEP 2021 TRAFFIC 5.2m 10.6m L. FACTOR 71% 81%      GUESTS LOAD FACTOR July 9.3m 80% … more

News 04 Oct 2021

Ryanair Annonce Son Programme Hiver 2021/22 Belgique

11 Nouvelles Lignes De Charleroi, 200 Nouveaux Emplois Ryanair, 1ère compagnie aérienne d’Europe, a annoncé aujourd’hui (31 août) son programme Hiver 2021 au départ de ses deux aéroports belges Charleroi et Zaventem, qui comprend 97 … more

News 31 Aug 2021

Ryanair Reports Q1 Loss Of €273M As Easter Travel Cancelled. Vaccine Rollouts & EU Digital Covid Certs Drive Strong Booking Recovery Into Peak Summer 2021.

Ryanair Holdings plc today (26 July) reported a Q1 loss of €273m, compared to a PY Q1 loss of €185m. Features of this Q1 performance included:   Q1 traffic rebounded from 0.5m to 8.1m as … more

News 26 Jul 2021

Ryanair Annonce 2,000 Nouveaux Postes De Pilotes

Ryanair, 1ère compagnie aérienne d’Europe, a annoncé aujourd’hui (12 juillet) une campagne de recrutement de 2 000 nouveaux pilotes pour assurer les équipages de ses futurs avions, en cours de livraison sur les 3 prochaines … more

News 13 Jul 2021

Ryanair Launches Its Summer 2021 Covid Recovery Schedule For Belgium

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (1st July) announced its Summer ‘21 recovery schedule from Belgium with over 470 weekly flights to 104 destinations from Charleroi and Zaventem airports, including 4 new routes to Heraklion, Santorini, … more

News 01 Jul 2021

Ryanair Lance Son Programme De Reprise 2021 Pour La Belgique

Ryanair, 1ère compagnie aérienne d’Europe, a annoncé aujourd’hui (1er juillet) son programme de reprise Été 2021 au départ de la Belgique avec plus de 470 vols hebdomadaires vers 104 destinations au départ des aéroports de … more

News 01 Jul 2021