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Ryanair and Kiwi Partnership Takes Off

RYANAIR’S LOW FARE FLIGHTS NOW AVAILABLE TO KIWI CUSTOMERS Following the announcement of their “Approved OTA” partnership in Jan last, Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (Wed, 29th May) announced that its low fare flights are now available to book as part of Kiwi bookings just in time for the peak Summer holiday season. For Kiwi customers who wish to book Ryanair flights/ancillaries, this exciting new partnership means; Over the past few months, Ryanair has signed … more

News 29 May 2024


TRAFFIC GROWS 9%TO 184M DESPITE BOEING DELAYS€700M SHARE BUYBACK ANNOUNCED Ryanair Holdings plc today (20 May) reported full-year PAT growth of 34% to €1.92bn, as traffic grew 9% to 184m passengers (23% more than pre-Covid).  … more

News 20 May 2024

Ryanair Becomes First Airline In Europe To Sign Up To Citi’s New Sustainable Deposit Solution

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, has partnered with Citi to become the first European airline to deposit funds in its new Sustainable Deposit Solution, which launched earlier this year. This will enable Ryanair to invest excess … more

News Sustainability 16 Nov 2022

Ryanair Reports Half-Year Profits Of €1.37bn S.2022 Traffic & Fares Above S.2019 In Strong Post Covid Recovery Risk Of Covid Variants & Ukraine Overhang H2 Winter Schedules

Ryanair Holdings today (7 Nov.) reported a strong half-year after tax profit of €1.37bn, compared to a pre- Covid (FY20) H1 profit of €1.15bn, due to record Q2 traffic, strong operational reliability and robust summer … more

News 07 Nov 2022


Ryanair Holdings plc today (Tues, 4 Oct) released Sept. traffic statistics as follows:

News 04 Oct 2022

A Ryanair Bemutatja A 2017/18-Es (4. Évi) “Always Getting Better” Tervét

A Ryanair, Európa elsőszámú légitársasága ma (április 6-án) bejelentette 2017/2018-as ügyfélszolgálati fejlesztési tervét, mely az “Always Getting Better” (AGB) program negyedik évét képezi szolgáltatásokkal, digitális és fedélzeti fejlesztésekkel. Ebben az évben a következő fejlesztéseket vezetjük … more

News 06 Apr 2017

A Ryanair Bejelentette Budapesti Rekord Téli Menetrendjét 2017-Re

7 ÚJ JÁRAT EDINBURGH-BA, LVIVBE, MARRÁKESBE, NÁPOLYBA, PALERMÓBA, PRÁGÁBA & VALENCIÁBA A Ryanair, Európa elsőszámú légitársasága ma (április 5-én) bejelentette eddigi legnagyobb budapesti téli menetrendjét 2017-re: 7 új járatot indít Edinburgh-ba, Lvivbe, Marrákesbe, Nápolyba, Palermóba, … more

News 05 Apr 2017