Ryanair Calls On Mrs Merkel To Scrap €9bn State Aid For “Ungrateful” Lufthansa

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, today (Wed 27 May) called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to abandon plans to give €9bn of illegal State Aid to the ungrateful Lufthansa. Lufthansa claims it needs €9bn from the German Govt “as the only viable alternative for maintaining solvency”, yet Lufthansa refuses to give the German Govt effective Board representation (which would allow Govt Directors to participate in Board decisions), and today it also refuses to hand over slots in Frankfurt and Munich, which would promote competition and choice to the Lufthansa monopoly in Germany.

Ryanair today called on Mrs Merkel to scrap this illegal State Aid scheme, which the ungrateful Lufthansa has clearly rejected. If the German Govt is serious about restarting air travel to and from Germany, then this State Aid should be replaced with a different scheme, which would reduce air travel taxes for all airlines operating in Germany for the next 24 months. This would provide Lufthansa, and all other airlines in Germany, with transparent supports, which would comply with competition rules, and would encourage all airlines in Germany to return to flying and restore the German tourism industry as quickly as possible.


Ryanair’s Group CEO Michael O’Leary said:

“If Lufthansa do not want to hand over slots, or give the German Govt the effective Board representation they are entitled to in return for a State subsidy of €9bn, then Mrs Merkel should say “buzz off” Lufthansa, and instead reduce air travel taxes for all airlines operating in Germany. Lufthansa would be the major beneficiary of any such tax reductions, but it would also encourage other airlines, including Ryanair, Laudamotion and EasyJet, to return to flying and pass on lower fares to consumers.

The reduction of these travel taxes to zero for the next 24 months would provide Lufthansa with significant funding, but would encourage Lufthansa to return to flying while allowing them to keep their precious slots monopoly at Frankfurt and Munich Airports, as well as ignoring the German Govt Board membership request.

Carsten Spohr has played a blinder during the Covid-19 crisis. He is probably the first man in history to demand €9bn from Mrs Merkel, then tell her to “buzz off” when she wants Board seats and/or slot remedies. Not content with demanding money from the German Govt, he is also demanding money from the Swiss Govt, the Austrian Govt and the Belgian Govt as well. There seems no end to Lufthansa’s addiction to State Aid, which will distort competition for air travel to and from Germany for many years to come.

It’s time for Mrs Merkel to tell Lufthansa to “buzz off” and bring an end to these illegal State Aid demands from the “subsidy junkie” Lufthansa.”

Ryanair Calls On Taoiseach To “Read The Evidence”

Ryanair today (27 May) called on Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to “read the evidence” which confirms that it is safe to return to flying from 1 July with Ryanair thanks to the concrete measures introduced by the European health and air safety experts. Leo Varadkar said in the Dáil today “I think we have to continue to base our decisions on the evidence”… Ryanair is happy to provide him with this medical evidence published by the ECDC and EASA on 20 May last.

In their 20 May joint document EASA and ECDC “defined measures to assure the health safety of air travellers and aviation personnel once airlines resume regular flight schedules following the disruption caused by Covid-19”.

European Transport Commissioner Adina Valean confirmed in this press release:

“We relied on our specialists from EASA and ECDC to define a set of concrete measures for the safe resumption of air travel within the EU. The protocol released today will reassure passengers that it is safe for them to fly and so help the industry recover from the effects of this pandemic”.

A Ryanair spokesperson said:

“If Leo Varadkar, Sinn Fein or Dr. Gabriel Scally are looking for expert evidence that it is safe to return to flying in the EU, here it is!!! All they need do is read the guidelines published on May 20 by EASA and the ECDC, which recommend face masks and other measures to assure the safety of air travel, and they make no mention of ineffective quarantines as mistakenly introduced by the Irish Govt last weekend while the rest of Europe was abolishing quarantines.

Ryanair is going back flying on 1 July next with over 1,000 daily flights from Ireland to destinations all over Europe, following the air safety measures recommended by EASA and the ECDC, and we urge Leo Varadkar, Sinn Fein and Dr. Gabriel Scally to brush up on this expert evidence and book a cheap flight with Ryanair without further delay”.

You can find out more about the EASA – ECDC guidelines here.

Ryanair Calls For Removal Of Ineffective Quarantine

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, today (Wed 27 May) welcomed Spain’s announcement last weekend that all travel restrictions will be lifted from 1 July, allowing Europeans to take family holidays in Spain during July & Aug. This reopening of Spain mirrors similar re-openings recently announced by Italy, Greece, Portugal and France. Germany is expected to remove all travel restrictions later this week. While all of these EU countries are opening up their tourism and removing restrictions, Ireland is going the other way, imposing further restrictions including an ineffective and unpoliceable 2 week quarantine on inbound visitors from the EU.

This quarantine makes no sense when it doesn’t apply to visitors from the UK, which is our EU neighbour with the highest rate of Covid-19 cases and deaths. These further Irish lockdowns make no economic or medical sense when Ireland has one of the better performances of all EU countries in responding to, and defeating, the spread of Covid-19.

The Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford University publishes a weekly table (see link below) which now ranks Ireland with the most stringent Covid lockdown of any of the 27 EU countries, despite having one of the best EU records in combating and defeating Covid-19. Ireland has now more stringent lockdown measures than Spain, France, the UK, and even the USA, which is the country with the worst record on Covid-19.

Ryanair’s Group CEO Michael O’Leary said:

“The Irish Government and the Irish people have done a fantastic job over the last 10 weeks, combating the spread of Covid-19 and defeating this virus. Yesterday was the first day with zero deaths from Covid-19 since early March. This impressive record by our Government and health services is not reflected in our overly stringent lockdown measures. It makes little sense for Ireland to be locking down further at a time when most other EU countries are opening up.

Ryanair is back flying from 1 July, with 1,000 daily low fare flights to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and other holiday destinations. All of these countries have removed all visitor restrictions from mid-June or early July. Ireland should now do likewise and remove its ineffective and unnecessary travel quarantine from the EU.

It is unfair on the Irish people that Ireland is now applying the most stringent lockdown measures (as ranked by the Oxford University School of Government), whereas many other EU countries who have not performed as well in tackling Covid-19 have already removed their lockdown travel restrictions. Ryanair calls on the Irish Government to accelerate our exit from lockdown and scrap their ineffective travel quarantine from the end of June, and we also strongly support the earlier reopening of hairdressing salons to give the Mums of Ireland a much needed break.

Ireland has been one of the best EU countries in tackling and defeating the Covid-19 virus, and our people should not be penalised by having the most stringent EU lockdown restrictions, which are unnecessary given Ireland’s impressive Covid-19 record.”


For more information see: Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford University COVID Lockdown table Continue reading Ryanair Calls For Removal Of Ineffective Quarantine


Ryanair, la plus grande compagnie européenne à tarifs bas, a condamné aujourd’hui (mardi 26 mai) la décision du gouvernement allemand d’accorder une aide d’État de 9 milliards d’euros à Lufthansa en plus de l’aide salariale importante déjà accordée à la compagnie aérienne allemande, ce qui renforcera encore l’emprise du monopole de Lufthansa sur le marché du transport aérien allemand.

Les gouvernements allemand et français continuent d’accorder d’énormes aides d’État à leurs compagnies, dont beaucoup n’en ont pas besoin, ce qui fausse la concurrence avec d’autres fournisseurs dans toute l’Europe. Les compagnies aériennes ne bénéficiant pas d’aides d’État, telles que Ryanair, EasyJet, BA et d’autres, devront désormais concurrencer Lufthansa sur les marchés des vols court et long courrier sans bénéficier d’aides d’État équivalentes, alors que Lufthansa peut utiliser cette dernière subvention de 9 milliards d’euros accordée par le gouvernement allemand pour réaliser des ventes à perte sur ses liaisons intra-UE court courrier et long courrier.


Le PDG du Groupe Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, a déclaré :

“Lufthansa est accro aux aides d’État. Chaque fois qu’il y a une crise, le premier réflexe de Lufthansa est de mettre la main dans la poche du gouvernement allemand. Alors que la plupart des autres compagnies aériennes de l’UE peuvent survivre grâce à de simples programmes de soutien salarial (ce dont nous sommes extrêmement reconnaissants), Lufthansa affirme qu’elle a besoin de 9 milliards d’euros supplémentaires du gouvernement allemand, d’un milliard d’euros du gouvernement suisse, de 800 millions d’euros du gouvernement autrichien et de 500 millions d’euros du gouvernement belge alors qu’elle sillonne l’Europe en aspirant le maximum d’aides d’État qu’elle peut rassembler.

Comment des compagnies aériennes comme Ryanair, EasyJet et Laudamotion peuvent-elles concurrencer Lufthansa sur le marché des vols court courrier au départ et à destination de l’Allemagne, maintenant que cette dernière dispose de 9 milliards d’euros de subventions du gouvernement allemand pour lui permettre de se lancer dans des ventes à perte ou d’acheter encore plus de concurrence pour les prochaines années.

Il est profondément ironique que le gouvernement allemand, qui fait la leçon à tous les autres pays de l’UE sur le respect des règles de l’UE, n’ait aucune difficulté à enfreindre les règles en matière d’aides d’État en ce qui concerne Lufthansa. Il a fait des concessions lors de l’achat d’Air Berlin par Lufthansa il y a deux ans, ce qui lui a conféré un monopole sur le marché intérieur allemand. Aujourd’hui, alors que Lufthansa affirme avoir besoin d’encore plus de subventions publiques, le gouvernement allemand émet un chèque de 9 milliards d’euros, à un moment où ses concurrents Ryanair, EasyJet, BA, entre autres, n’ont pas besoin de telles subventions pour survivre.

Le gouvernement allemand continue d’ignorer les règles de l’UE lorsqu’il leur convient de subventionner les grandes entreprises allemandes, mais il fait ensuite la leçon à tous les autres gouvernements de l’UE sur le respect des règles lorsqu’ils les ignorent.

Ryanair fera appel de ce dernier exemple d’aide d’État illégale à Lufthansa, qui faussera massivement la concurrence et les règles du jeu équitables pour la fourniture de vols à destination et en provenance de l’Allemagne pendant les cinq prochaines années”.

Ryanair Condemns €9 Billion State Aid To Lufthansa

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fare airline, today (Tues 26 May) condemned the German Government’s decision to award €9bn of State Aid to Lufthansa on top of the extensive payroll support already given to the German airline, which will further strengthen Lufthansa’s monopoly like grip on the German air travel market.

The German and French Governments continue to provide enormous State Aid to their companies, many of whom do not need it, which distorts competition with other providers across Europe. Non-State Aided airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, BA and others, will now have to compete with Lufthansa in both the short haul and long haul markets without equivalent State Aid, whereas Lufthansa can use this latest €9bn subsidy from the German Govt to engage in below cost selling on its short haul intra-EU routes and its long haul routes.


Ryanair’s Group CEO Michael O’Leary said:

“Lufthansa is addicted to State Aid. Whenever there is a crisis, Lufthansa’s first reflex is to put its hand in the German Government’s pocket. While most other EU airlines can survive on just payroll support schemes (for which we are extremely grateful), Lufthansa claims it needs another €9bn from the German Govt, €1bn from the Swiss Govt, €800m from the Austrian Govt, and €500m from the Belgian Govt as it stumbles around Europe sucking up as much State Aid as it can possibly gather.

How can airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet and Laudamotion be expected to compete with Lufthansa in the short haul market to and from Germany, now that it has €9bn worth of German Govt subsidies to allow it to engage in below cost selling or buy up even more competition for the next number of years.

It is deeply ironic that the German Govt, which lectures all other EU countries about respecting EU rules, has no difficulty breaking the State Aid rules when it comes to Lufthansa. It waved through Lufthansa’s purchase of Air Berlin 2 years ago, which gave Lufthansa a monopoly in the German domestic market, and now when Lufthansa claims it needs even more State subsidies, the German Government writes a cheque for €9bn, at a time when its competitors Ryanair, EasyJet, BA, among others, do not need such State subsidies to survive.

The German Govt continues to ignore EU rules when it suits them to subsidise large German companies, but then lectures every other EU Govt about respecting the rules when they ignore them.

Ryanair will appeal against this latest example of illegal State Aid to Lufthansa, which will massively distort competition and level playing field into provision of flights to and from Germany for the next 5 years.”




Ryanair, la più grande compagnia aerea low-cost in Europa, oggi (martedì 26 maggio) ha confermato che dal mese di luglio ripristinerá il 40% del normale operativo voli, poiché la Spagna questo fine settimana ha annunciato che rimuoverà le restrizioni di viaggio dal 1° luglio, seguendo quanto annunciato da Italia, Cipro, Grecia e Portogallo che riapriranno hotel e spiagge per la stagione estiva nei mesi di luglio-agosto.

Ryanair opererà, dal 1° luglio, voli giornalieri dai Paesi di tutto il Nord Europa, tra cui Irlanda, Regno Unito, Belgio, Olanda e Germania, verso gli aeroporti delle principali mete turistiche quali Portogallo, Spagna, Italia, Grecia e Cipro.

Per celebrare la revoca di queste restrizioni di viaggio in tutta Europa, Ryanair ha lanciato la vendita di biglietti per viaggi nei mesi di luglio ed agosto con tariffe a partire da soli € 29,99 a tratta. Per approfittare di queste tariffe, i voli devono essere prenotati entro la mezzanotte di giovedì 28 maggio.


Il CEO di Ryanair Eddie Wilson ha dichiarato:

 “Dopo 4 mesi di blocco, accogliamo con favore la scelta da parte dei governi in Italia, Grecia, Portogallo, Spagna e Cipro di aprire i propri confini, rimuovere le restrizioni di viaggio ed eliminare le inefficaci misure di quarantena. Le famiglie europee, che sono state in lockdown per le ultime 10 settimane, non vedono l’ora di prenotare le tanto desiderate vacanze in Spagna, Portogallo, Italia, Grecia e altre destinazioni del Mediterraneo per i mesi di luglio e agosto, prima dell’inizio del nuovo anno scolastico a settembre.

Ryanair opererà  fino a 1.000 voli giornalieri dal 1° luglio e saranno disponibili diverse offerte a basso prezzo, perfette per quella vacanza estiva che sappiamo molti genitori non vedranno l’ora di godersi con i propri bambini durante le vacanze scolastiche, terminato questo periodo di lockdown.

Su tutti i voli Ryanair saranno in vigore nuove linee guida sanitarie, che imporranno a tutti i passeggeri (e agli equipaggi Ryanair) di indossare sempre le mascherine nei terminal aeroportuali e a bordo dei nostri aeromobili, in conformità con le disposizioni dell’UE.

Non vediamo l’ora di accogliere a bordo milioni di passeggeri Ryanair e le loro famiglie e di farli volare in vacanza mentre le economie europee iniziano a riprendersi da questo difficile lockdown, che ha permesso di contrastare con successo la diffusione del virus Covid-19 “.


Nota dell’editore: Per ulteriori informazioni sugli ultimi Aggiornamenti di Viaggio, cliccare qui. 





Ryanair, la plus grande compagnie aérienne européenne à tarifs bas, a confirmé aujourd’hui (mardi 26 mai) qu’elle prévoit d’exploiter 40 % de son programme de vols normal en juillet, alors que l’Espagne a annoncé ce week-end qu’elle supprimerait les restrictions de voyage et de séjour à partir du 1er juillet, à l’image des plans annoncés précédemment par l’Italie, Chypre, la Grèce et le Portugal de rouvrir leurs hôtels et leurs plages pour la période clé des vacances familiales de juillet-août.

Ryanair proposera des vols quotidiens au départ de tous les pays d’Europe du Nord, y compris l’Irlande, le Royaume-Uni, la Belgique, les Pays-Bas et l’Allemagne, vers les principaux aéroports de destination pour les vacances au Portugal, en Espagne, en Italie, en Grèce et à Chypre à partir du 1er juillet.

Pour célébrer la levée de ces restrictions de voyage en Europe, Ryanair a lancé une offre spéciale pour voyager en juillet et en août avec des tarifs à partir de seulement 29,99 € l’aller simple, disponibles à la réservation jusqu’au jeudi 28 mai à minuit.


Eddie Wilson, PDG de Ryanair, a déclaré :

“Après quatre mois de fermeture, nous nous félicitons des mesures prises par les gouvernements italien, grec, portugais, espagnol et chypriote d’ouvrir leurs frontières, de lever les restrictions de voyage et de mettre fin aux quarantaines inefficaces. Les familles européennes, qui ont été soumises au confinement au cours des dix dernières semaines, peuvent maintenant se réjouir de réserver leurs vacances en famille en Espagne, au Portugal, en Italie, en Grèce et dans d’autres pays méditerranéens pour juillet et août, avant la rentrée scolaire de septembre.

Ryanair proposera jusqu’à 1 000 vols quotidiens à partir du 1er juillet, et nous avons une gamme de sièges à tarifs bas, parfaits pour cette escapade estivale, que nous savons que de nombreux parents et leurs enfants attendront avec impatience lorsque nous sortirons du confinement et entamerons les vacances scolaires.

Tous les vols de Ryanair opéreront avec de nouvelles directives sanitaires en place, qui obligeront tous les passagers (et les équipages de Ryanair) à porter des masques faciaux à tout moment dans les terminaux des aéroports et à bord de nos avions, conformément aux directives de l’UE.

Nous sommes impatients d’accueillir à nouveau des millions de passagers Ryanair et leurs familles à bord, et de les emmener en vacances, alors que les économies européennes commencent à se remettre des récents confinements difficiles, qui ont si bien réussi à inverser la propagation du virus Covid-19″.



Note du rédacteur : Pour davantage d’informations sur les restrictions liées aux voyages cliquez ici. 






Ryanair, największa niskokosztowa linia lotnicza w Europie, dziś (wtorek 26 maja) potwierdziła, iż od 1 lipca zamierza obsługiwać 40% normalnego lipcowego rozkładu lotów. Hiszpania w ten weekend poinformowała o zniesieniu restrykcji od 1 lipca, podobnie jak zrobiły to wcześniej Włochy, Cypr, Grecja i Portugalia. We wszystkich tych krajach hotele oraz plaże zostaną otwarte na lipcowo-sierpniowe wakacje.

Ryanair będzie oferował codzienne loty z krajów europejskich na najważniejsze wakacyjne lotniska w Portugalii, Hiszpanii, Włoszech, Grecji i na Cyprze od 1 lipca.

Z okazji zniesienia restrykcji podróży w różnych krajach europejskich, Ryanair ogłosił wielką wyprzedaż. Bilety na podróż w lipcu i sierpniu w cenach już od 129 zł dostępne są jedynie do czwartku 28 maja.


Eddie Wilson, Prezes Ryanair DAC powiedział:

„Po 4 miesiącach zamknięcia, z zadowoleniem przyjmujemy decyzje rządów we Włoszech, Grecji, Portugalii, Hiszpanii i na Cyprze o otwarciu granic i odejściu od kwarantanny. Europejskie rodziny, które były blokowane przez ostatnie 10 tygodni, mogą teraz zacząć planować rodzinny urlop w Hiszpanii, Portugalii, Włoszech, Grecji i innych krajach basenu Morza Śródziemnego na lipiec i sierpień przed powrotem dzieci do szkół we wrześniu.

Ryanair od 1 lipca będzie oferował prawie 1000 lotów dziennie. Wprowadziliśmy do sprzedaży mnóstwo biletów w atrakcyjnych cenach na tegoroczne wakacje, o których tak wiele rodziców i dzieci marzyło.

Wszystkie loty Ryanair odbywać sie będą zgodnie z nowymi wytycznymi UE odnośnie bezpieczeństwa podróży, które nakładaja obowiązek noszenia maseczek zarówno na lotnisku, jak i na pokładzie samolotu na wszystkich pasażerów (oraz załogi Ryanair). .

Z niecierpliwością oczekujemy na miliony pasażerów Ryanaira na pokładach naszych samolotów. Cieszymy się, że gospodarka w Europie wraca do normalności po tym trudnym okresie zamkniecia, dzięki któremu udało odnieść wilki sukced w walce z wirusem Covid-19.”


Od redakcji: Ostatnie aktualizacje dotyczące podróży dostępne są tu.