5 Point Plan Launched To Double Growth Of Eu Tourism & Create 2m New Jobs

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (25 May) launched a 5 point plan to grow European tourism by 10% and highlighted the benefits of low cost aviation to the regions. Speaking at the Malta Tourism Conference, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs, emphasised how low fare flights were a key driver of regional tourism and job creation, which could help grow tourism by 10% next year (vs the 4% predicted for 2018) and create an additional 2m new jobs if EU countries took the necessary steps to encourage more Europeans to holiday in Europe.

Ryanair outlined a 5 point plan to grow tourism by:

  • Lowering airport costs and removing taxes on short haul travel within Europe
  • Addressing the accommodation shortage that drives up prices by lowering costs and building more hotels
  • Improving the marketing of EU destinations to encourage EU citizens to holiday in Europe
  • Developing new regional resorts such as southern Italy and northern Spain
  • Developing more year-round tourism and off-peak seasonal city break travel

Meanwhile, Ryanair’s Malta summer 2017 schedule continues to attract record bookings, with more frequencies to/from European destinations for summer family holidays, lower fares as Ryanair passes on lower fuel costs, and an even better customer experience, as it continues to roll out its “Always Getting Better” improvements.

In Malta, Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: 

“As the largest airline in Europe, Ryanair urges EU countries to encourage more Europeans to holiday in Europe. By lowering airport costs and taxes, addressing the accommodation shortage, improving the marketing of EU destinations, promoting new regional resorts and developing a bigger year-round tourist season, European tourism can thrive and capitalise on a golden growth opportunity, at a time when European tourists are looking for alternative destinations given the decline in traffic to Turkish and North African resorts. 

 Some 130m people will fly with Ryanair across Europe this year and we have seen first-hand the regional tourism growth and job creation that low cost aviation brings, especially for Europe’s youth. This Ryanair effect has already paid dividends to regions across the EU. As demand for travel grows, aviation can further boost tourism by raising the profile of lesser known destinations. Tourism contributes up to 15% of European GDP each year, and supports over 12% of the jobs within the EU. Taking the right steps could see tourism grow by 10% next year, rather than the predicted 4%, which would create an additional 2m European jobs. 

We are pleased to report record bookings on our summer 2017 schedule, and customers can look forward to fares falling even further when they make advance bookings in 2017, so there’s never been a better time to book a low fare flight on Ryanair. We urge all customers who wish to book their holidays to do so now on the Ryanair.com website or mobile app, where they can avail of the lowest fares.”

Ryanair To Partner Erasmus Student Network


Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (23 May) became the exclusive partner of the EU Erasmus Student Network, offering Erasmus students huge savings, with fare discounts, free bags and tailored travel offers.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Erasmus programme provides university students across Europe the chance to study in a different European city for a year, facilitating cultural and academic exchanges and enhancing language skills in 37 countries. Over 3 million students have benefitted under the Erasmus programme since its launch.

Delivered as part of Year 4 of Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” programme, this Erasmus partnership will offer Student members:

  • 15% off flights on the Ryanair.com website
  • A free checked-in bag with every flight booked
  • A dedicated Erasmus Students booking portal
  • Community forum to share travel hints & tips
  • Weekly travel offers to enable Erasmus students more easily move across Europe
  • Tailored Ryanair in-journey offers on the mobile app

Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport said: 

“These discounts will help students broaden their horizons, and learn first-hand about the richness, diversity and beauty of our wonderful continent! This partnership between one of the largest European airlines and one of the largest exchange student organisations is something I hope other transport providers will be inspired to follow. I would like to thank Ryanair for launching such an initiative.”

In Brussels, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said:

“Ryanair has been a driving force of European integration over the past 30 years, providing young people, and especially students, with the freedom to fly across Europe on the lowest airfares. We are pleased to partner with the Erasmus Student Network, the latest initiative delivered under Year 4 of our “Always Getting Better” programme, which will offer university students across Europe a range of exclusive flight offers, free bags and tailored discounts to suit their budget, and allow them to save even more while they travel on Europe’s biggest airline with the widest route network and the lowest fares.” 

President of Erasmus Student Network, Safi Sabuni said:

“The Erasmus Generation is a generation of Europeans that are perennially curious, open-minded and full of wanderlust. This is made possible not only through the success of the European project and initiatives such as Schengen and Erasmus+, but also thanks to companies like Ryanair – without which it would be much harder to travel around Europe. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.” 


Ryanair Rooms Website Upgraded With More Accommodation Choice & Improved Search Options

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (17 May) launched a major upgrade to its “Ryanair Rooms” website, offering its 130m customers an even wider choice of hotel, hostel, B&B, holiday villa and homestay options, and all at the lowest prices.

The new “Ryanair Rooms” website features an improved dynamic search function and simplified booking experience, enabling customers to choose from over 1.2 million rooms worldwide and to:

  •          Browse even more accommodation types
  •          Search and sort by price, popularity and property type
  •          Search by interactive location map
  •          Compare rooms by type and price

This improved “Ryanair Rooms” website is the latest digital initiative delivered under Year 4 of Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” programme, as Ryanair strives to become the “Amazon of travel”, with Ryanair.com now the world’s largest airline website, its best-in-class app having over 19m active users and more than 20m customers signed up for the “My Ryanair” customer registration programme.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

“We’re pleased to launch a major upgrade to our “Ryanair Rooms” website, our latest “Always Getting Better” improvement. This industry leading website now offers customers even more choice, enhanced search options and a simplified booking process, ensuring they can choose their ideal accommodation – but always at the lowest prices.

We’re now working with five accommodation providers, offering customers over 1.2 million rooms to choose from, ranging from 5 star hotels to hostels and B&Bs, and just like our low fare flights, we won’t be beaten on choice or price.” 


Connecting Flights Launched At Rome Fiumicino

Ryanair, Europe’s No 1 airline, today (17 May) launched its first connecting flights through Rome Fiumicino Airport, providing Ryanair customers with an expanded route choice, and the opportunity to book and transfer directly onto connecting Ryanair flights for the first time.

From today, Ryanair customers can:

  •          Browse connecting Rome Fiumicino flight options on the Ryanair.com website
  •          Book connecting flights on an initial 10 routes operating to/from Rome Fiumicino (with more to follow)
  •          Connect to/from Alicante, Barcelona, Bari, Brussels, Catania, Comiso, Malta & Palermo via Rome
  •          Transfer ‘airside’ onto connecting flights without having to go ‘landside’
  •          Have checked-in baggage transferred through to the next flight to their final destination
  •          Receive one booking reference for both flight bookings

This connecting flights service is the newest initiative delivered under Year 4 of Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” programme, with more connecting flights services to be rolled out across the entire Ryanair network later this year as long as the Rome Fiumicino trial proves to be a success.

Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer David O’Brien said:

“Ryanair is pleased to launch our first connecting flights service via Rome Fiumicino Airport, allowing customers to book connecting Ryanair flights on the lowest fares in Europe. Starting with an initial 10 Rome routes, customers will be able to transfer onto their next flight without having to go landside, and have their bags checked through to their final destination. This new service under Year 4 of our “Always Getting Better” programme, will be rolled out across the entire Ryanair network, (with further Rome routes to be added in the coming weeks and months) as long as the Rome Fiumicino trial proves to be a success. We are also continuing our discussions with Aer Lingus and Norwegian – and other potential partners – with a view to launching connections with third party airlines later this year.”

Ryanair Announces 2 New Eilat Ovda Routes To Bremen & Dusseldorf Weeze

Ryanair, Europe’s No 1 airline, today (10 May), launched 2 new winter routes from Eilat Ovda to Bremen (2 wkly) and Dusseldorf Weeze (2 wkly) as part of its extended winter 2017 schedule, with 14 routes in total.

Ryanair’s Eilat Ovda winter 2017 schedule will deliver:

• 10 new routes to: Baden Baden (2 wkly), Berlin (2 wkly), Bremen (2 wkly), Brussels Charleroi

(2 wkly), Dusseldorf Weeze, (2 wkly), Frankfurt Hahn (2 wkly), Gdansk (2 wkly), Milan Bergamo (2 wkly), Poznan (2 wkly) & Warsaw Modlin (2 wkly)

  • 14 routes in total incl Bratislava (2 wkly), Budapest (2 wkly), Kaunas (2 wkly) & Krakow (2 wkly)
  • 28 weekly flights

To celebrate its new route, Ryanair has released seats from Eilat Ovda at prices starting from just €29.99 for travel in November, which are only available for booking on the Ryanair.com website until midnight Thursday (11 May).

Ryanair’s Dimitra Apatsidou said:

“We are pleased to announce more new Eilat Ovda routes to Bremen and Dusseldorf Weeze, which will commence in October as part of our extended winter 2017 schedule. Israeli consumers and visitors can choose from 14 Eilat Ovda routes in winter 2017 and can look forward to further improvements, as Ryanair continues its “Always Getting Better” programme, which includes more new service and digital features and even lower fares. 

To celebrate the launch of our 2 new Eilat Ovda routes, we are releasing seats for sale from €29.99 for travel in November, which are available for booking until midnight Thursday (11 May). Since these amazing low prices will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.”

– See more at: https://corporate.ryanair.com/news/news/170510-ryanair-announces-2-new-eilat-ovda-routes-to-bremen-dusseldorf-weeze/?market=en#sthash.ZUHsvCHM.dpuf

Stan McCarthy Of Kerry Group Plc Joins Board Of Ryanair Holdings Plc

The Board of Ryanair Holdings Plc today (9 May) announced that Mr Stan McCarthy, who has been Chief Executive of Kerry Group Plc for the past 10 years, will join the Board of Ryanair as a Non-Executive Director at the end of May. Kerry Group recently announced that Stan McCarthy will step down as Chief Executive of Kerry Group Plc at the end of Sept 2017.

Ryanair’s Chairman David Bonderman said:

“We are all pleased to welcome Stan McCarthy to the Board of Ryanair Holdings Plc. Given Stan’s outstanding record as Chief Executive of Kerry Group Plc he will, I believe, be a significant and valuable addition to our Board. I expect Stan to join the Board at the end of May, and he will put himself forward for approval by shareholders at our Sept AGM.

I very much look forward to working with Stan to continue to grow Ryanair safely and profitably in the best interests of our customers, our people, and our shareholders.”

91% Of Ryanair Flights On-Time In April

Ryanair, Europe’s No 1 airline, today (8 May) released its April customer service statistics, which confirm that Ryanair remains Europe’s No 1 customer service airline with:

  • 91% of over 62,000 flights in April arriving on-time
  • Less than 1.5 complaints per 1,000 customers
  • 1 bag complaint per 1,000 customers
  • Over 99% of all complaints answered within 7 days

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said:

“Ryanair carried over 11.3 million customers in April with 91% of our 62,000 flights arriving on-time, as we continued to improve our customer experience. With our expanding route network and additional enhancements under year 4 of our “Always Getting Better” programme, Ryanair continues to deliver so much more than the lowest fares in Europe.” 




On-time flights



Complaints per 1,000 pax



Bag complaints per 1,000 pax



Complaints answered within 7 days



April Traffic Grows 14% To 11.3m Customers


Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (3 May) released April traffic statistics as follows:

  • Traffic grew 14% to 11.3m customers.
  • Load factor rose 3% points to 96%
  • Rolling annual traffic to April grew 13% to 121.3m customers.


Apr 16

Apr 17






Load Factor





RyanairKenny Jacobs said:

“Ryanair’s April traffic grew by 14% to 11.3m customers, while our load factor jumped 3% points to 96% (boosted by Easter), on the back of lower fares and the continuing success of our “Always Getting Better” customer experience programme.

Customers can look forward to even lower fares when they make advance bookings for summer and winter 2017, so there’s never been a better time to book a low fare flight on Ryanair and we urge all customers who wish to book their holidays to do so now on the Ryanair.com website or mobile app, where they can avail of the lowest fares in Europe.”