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Ryanair Calls On Macron Govt & Eu Commission To Prevent French Atc Strikes

Ryanair, Europe’s No 1 airline, today (11 Sep) called on the French Macron Government and European Commission to take immediate action to prevent the skies over Europe being closed yet again tomorrow (Tuesday) by French ATC unions. Ryanair regrets that it has been forced to cancel 110 flights on Tuesday (12 Sep) to/from/over France, with further cancellations possible and delays likely as French ATC unions yet again close the skies over Europe. Ryanair and other … more

News 11 Sep 2017

Customers Urged To Comply With Cabin Bag Rules To Avoid Boarding & Flight Delays

Ryanair, Europe’s No 1 airline, today (18 Aug) again urged its customers to comply fully with its cabin bag rules, which are being repeatedly flouted, resulting in boarding delays during this peak summer season. Ryanair … more

News 18 Aug 2017

Q1 Profits Rise 55% To €397m Due To Strong Easter But No Change To FY Guidance

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (July 24) reported a 55% rise in Q1 profit to €397m. This result is distorted by the timing of Easter in Q1 with no holiday period in the prior … more

News 24 Jul 2017

US Court Ruling Over Twitter Threat Welcomed

  Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (14 July) welcomed a United States District Court ruling against an anonymous Twitter user who posted a bomb threat last year. Ryanair obtained a number of subpoenas from Twitter, … more

News 14 Jul 2017

European Court Of Justice Ruling In The “A Rosa” Case Upholds EU Rules On Social Insurance Payments By International Transport Workers

RYANAIR TO SEEK REFUND OF €15M IN TAXES/FINES FROM THE FRENCH SOCIAL SECURITY AUTHORITIES WHO MUST NOW ACCEPT IRISH A1 CERTIFICATES Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline today (27 April) welcomed the decision of the European … more

News 27 Apr 2017

A Ryanair Bemutatja A 2017/18-Es (4. Évi) “Always Getting Better” Tervét

A Ryanair, Európa elsőszámú légitársasága ma (április 6-án) bejelentette 2017/2018-as ügyfélszolgálati fejlesztési tervét, mely az “Always Getting Better” (AGB) program negyedik évét képezi szolgáltatásokkal, digitális és fedélzeti fejlesztésekkel. Ebben az évben a következő fejlesztéseket vezetjük … more

News 06 Apr 2017

A Ryanair Bejelentette Budapesti Rekord Téli Menetrendjét 2017-Re

7 ÚJ JÁRAT EDINBURGH-BA, LVIVBE, MARRÁKESBE, NÁPOLYBA, PALERMÓBA, PRÁGÁBA & VALENCIÁBA A Ryanair, Európa elsőszámú légitársasága ma (április 5-én) bejelentette eddigi legnagyobb budapesti téli menetrendjét 2017-re: 7 új járatot indít Edinburgh-ba, Lvivbe, Marrákesbe, Nápolyba, Palermóba, … more

News 05 Apr 2017