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Ryanair Surpasses New Safety Standards For Flight Tracking With GlobalBeacon

Ryanair, Europe’s favourite low fares airline, today (8 May) announced the deployment of GlobalBeacon, a live flight monitoring platform that combines FlightAware’s data processing capabilities and web-interface with global flight tracking coverage from AireonSM. The Aireon network tracks aircraft via their ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) out antennas, which are mandated in many parts of the world including throughout Europe. This enables most airlines and aircraft operators to take advantage of GlobalBeacon without requiring additional equipment. … more

News 08 May 2019

Ryanair Group April Traffic Grows 10% To 13.5m Customers

Ryanair Holdings PLC today (2 May) released April traffic statistics as follows:      2018       2019      (LF)      Growth Ryanair Group  12.3m       13.5m     (96%) +10% Ryanair  12.3m       13.0m     (96%) +5% Lauda – … more

News 02 May 2019

تطلق أربعة خطوط جديدة للأردن في شتاء 2019 RYANAIR

Ryanair، شركة الطيران الأولى في أوروبا، أعلنت اليوم (25 نيسان)، جدولها لشتاء الأردن 2019، والذي تضمن أربعة خطوط جديدة إلى عمّان من مالطا وميمينغن وسالونيك وإلى العقبة من ميلانو بيرغامو، بما مجموعه 18 خطاً (يربط … more

News 25 Apr 2019

Ryanair Launches Connecting Flights Service From Brussels Charleroi With 27 Routes

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (11 April) launched its connecting flights service at Brussels Charleroi Airport, with 27 routes including Alicante, Budapest, Milan Bergamo and Prague, providing Ryanair customers with the opportunity to book … more

News 11 Apr 2019


88% OF CUSTOMERS RATE THEIR FLIGHTS ‘EXCELLENT/V. GOOD/GOOD’   Ryanair today (4 Apr) released its March customer service statistics, which show that it delivers Europe’s No 1 customer service as:   94% of flights March … more

News 04 Apr 2019

Ryanair Launches New Summer 2019 Inflight Range

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (2 Apr) launched its Summer 2019 inflight range which will feature brands such as Clinique, Sosu and Tan luxe. Ryanair’s Runway Retail Boutique will offer a further 20% off on … more

News 02 Apr 2019

Ryanair March Traffic Grows 9% To 10.9m Customers

Ryanair Holdings PLC today (2 April) released March traffic statistics as follows:      2018       2019      (LF)      Growth March Total  10.0m       10.9m     (96%) +9% Ryanair  10.0m       10.5m     (96%) +5% Lauda – … more

News 02 Apr 2019