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Ryanair Condemns Ursula Von Der Leyen For Repeated Failure To Protect EU Passengers

FRENCH ATC STRIKES HAVE UNFAIRLY CANCELLED OVER 627,000 PASSENGERS’ FLIGHTS On the 38th day of French ATC strikes in just 3 months, Ryanair has condemned EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen for her inexcusable failure to protect EU citizens/visitors’ fundamental right to the Freedom of Movement, by irresponsibly allowing EU skies to be closed repeatedly during French ATC strikes. President von der Leyen has shown how little she cares about EU citizens/visitors and their … more

News 13 Apr 2023

Ryanair Powers 100% Of Amsterdam Flights With SAF Blend

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, today (12 Apr) announced that it has expanded its partnership with the world leading sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplier, Neste, to power its full schedule of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) flights … more

News Sustainability 12 Apr 2023

Ryanair Mar 2023 Traffic Grows 12% To 12.6m Guests

Ryanair Holdings plc today (Mon, 3 Apr) released Mar 2023 traffic stats as follows:

News 03 Apr 2023

Ryanair Holdings Plc Announces 2 New Board Appointments Elisabeth Köstinger (AUT) And Eamonn Brennan (IRE) Agree To Join Board From 1 April

The Board of Ryanair Holdings plc today (Tues 28th March) announced that Ms Elisabeth Köstinger, an Austrian citizen, and Mr Eamonn Brennan, an Irish citizen, have agreed to join the Board of Ryanair Holdings plc … more

News 28 Mar 2023

Ryanair Calls On Ursula Von Der Leyen And EU Commission To Protect EU Single Market For Air Travel

Ryanair, Europe’s largest passenger airline, today (Mon 27th Mar) condemned the continuing cancellation of flights over France due to repeated French ATC strikes. As always, French Minimum Service Legislation is used to protect French domestic … more

News 27 Mar 2023


WZYWAJĄCĄ URSULĘ VON DER LEYEN DO OCHRONY LOTÓW PASAŻERSKICHI UTRZYMANIA OTWARTEGO NIEBA UEPODCZAS STRAJKÓW FRANCUSKICH KONTROLERÓW LOTÓW W związku z niuestającą bezczynnością Komisji Europejskiej pod przewodnictwem Ursuli von der Leyen, która nie podjęła działań mających … more

News 20 Mar 2023


Ryanair Holdings plc today (Thurs, 2 Mar) released Feb 2023 traffic stats as follows:

News 02 Mar 2023